Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Round 5 Birthdays

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Round 5 birthdays!  Reminder: A round=a day… 12 days in a Turning.  Today we have Jorden, Janelle, Quinton and… Hayden!!!

Quinton’s mom and sister whom we never see.

I just went through each of the kid’s and had them invite whoever was in their friends panel in addition to their family.

I think she might have been there when they got there before I changed it to generic.  She hasn’t been around long enough to be friends with anyone I don’t think!

Aubree got her new late-teen look.

Did you know that at one time I thought of matching Isaac up with Janelle?  I decided not to because their chemistry wasn’t really high and I wanted to wait.  This day I was sooo grateful that I’d changed my mind!  Casen is just the sweetest sim ever and she’s… not.

All day.  All freaking day.  I was ready to kill her!

When I did the silly adoption poll the first time for Drew and Everett which resulted in Skye and Alayna not having homes I’d actually thought back then that surely Enzo and Tobias would be together by then!  Looks like they would have gotten along.  I’m still having a hard time getting out of the state of mind that sims get married and have kids immediately upon aging to young adult.  It’s the years of legacies!

I have to admit.  I had a few sad pangs knowing he wouldn’t be a toddler much longer!

Devin will be right behind him.

Birthday time!  Jorden first.

Then Janelle.


I’d actually had him bring his mom and sister over there but they immediately walked away!  Darned sims.

Time for Hayden but where is Hayden?  LOL!

I think Tobias got confused.  This was after the makeovers when I was taking the new profile pics.  Jorden and Janelle look pretty much exactly the same so no pics of them…


Aaaaand… Hayden!!!  That’s his party-wear.  I didn’t realize it until after everything was over.

Enzo high-tailed it over there to chat with Quinton.  At least someone did.  Sheesh.

Awe so cute!  It was totally unplanned that they look so much alike.  All random rolls ya know but still it’s cute!

I sent him home… again.

The way they are looking at each other is so similar as well.  I suppose I worried about him not being a toddler anymore for nothing eh?

Someone’s sleepy.

So was Devin.

I swear everyone asks Casen about woohoo!

Nothing like being a clueless third wheel Tobias.

I had Drew call Tobias over but within seconds Lucca and Vicente stopped talking.  I also went to manage households before this and removed Janelle from the household.  She was really CENSORED me off!  Seriously!  Right before he aged up I saw in her queue to yell at Hayden!  Anyway, after that, I brought a few others like Isaac to the park.

I’d broken the gramophone before the birthdays.  Someone repaired it!

Oh look, Quinton’s sister noticed him.

The look on Hayden’s face cracked me up!

I was a bit surprised to see that Jorden’s dad was reading a book to Callum.

Still best-bros?

Quinton’s mom was talking to him for a few seconds and it looked like she was going to sit with him and then she just walked away.  I’ve been considering for a long time now just moving him in with someone else.  He’s too young to live alone obviously.

Sis and bro.

Cracked me up!

I finally gave in and did the chemistry profiles for the younger ones when I was getting ready to roll the new townies.  Both Hayden and Devin scored high with Alayna.  The thought that siblings would end up having higher scores didn’t occur to me.  Although, there are some siblings that are nothing alike.  We’ll see.  Only time will tell.  Unless someone has a super high score… which none did I’m not too interested yet.

I’ve missed this.  They haven’t been so demonstrative the last few times.

Speaking of chemistry.  I forgot that Quinton and Hannah have high chemistry.

Another third wheel.  Lucca kept trying to talk to them and was dancing so close I had a hard time getting pics!  Go find your boyfriend!

Speaking of which.

Oh well.  At least I got a bunch of cute pics!

Vicente was doing that standing to the side thing that Tobias used to do.

Finally, he sat down.  Truthfully, gluttons don’t really bother me other than the fact that it’s hard to screenshot them eating.

Everyone getting flirty?


*sigh*  As much as I would have liked to continue taking pics of them it was almost dawn and Casen ended up going to sleep on a bench.  Almost everyone else had left already.

I wasn’t sure where to fit this in so I’m popping in into the end of this chapter.  Casen got a new cat!

Her name is Sassy!  KitDragonFlight showed me pics on Twitter of this awesome looking stray and I begged her to put her on the gallery for me!  I was thinking of moving Doodle in with Casen but thought that’s not fair to little Callum so he got a new cat instead!

Poor Khaled!

1 thought on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Round 5 Birthdays

  1. Ah Sassy is so so so cute! As is Quentin and Hayden, d’awwwww! Our first little adopted toddler has grown up, my heart! LOL Janelle, I can’t wait to start playing them soon! I’m glad she went with Casen!

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