Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Poor Khaled!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Another day with Mack and Elsa.

And, of course, Khaled.

Mack was over here practicing some yoga.  I was surprised that he isn’t even level 2 yet.  It feels like they all do so much yoga!



The way she’s looking at him eating cracked me up!  Shouldn’t gluttons finish faster, not slower?

Sassy sighting!  Afraid of the teapot.  That’s a new one.

Not a try for baby, just a risky woohoo.  These two are at it as much as Drew and Everett I swear!

One quick pic of cuteness before they leave.  Little Axel saying hi to Khaled.  I sure hope that the Season expansion pack comes with more warmer clothing because the toddlers barely have any!

A little flirting when they got back home.

Haha Khaled!


Awe poor Khaled!

Six and Seven.

Attention for Khaled time!  First a brushing.

Then, a walk.


Back inside for some flirting.

Mack praises Khaled constantly.  He’ll be in the middle of talking or flirting with Elsa and suddenly praise Khaled!

Time to take turns with the bathroom.  LOL!

I don’t think Khaled minds.  He gets lots of attention then.


I have no idea why they were out by the road.


Khaled’s like weren’t they just here?

Spoiler alert: She’s not pregnant.  She showed up at Aimee and Zion’s the next day and I watched her closely for nausea… nothing.  So, I gave in and looked with MCCC and sure enough no pregnancy.  I started to worry that maybe something is wrong with my pregnancy mod so I made a test save and had them try several times… nothing.  I thought for sure there is something wrong so I went next door and had Summer and Reece try… twins first try.  Too bad it was a test save.  I’d planned to make a roll for the married unplayed sims but I realize now it’s just them!  Anyway, back to Mack and Elsa, I’ll probably just have them adopt next time I play them.

This popped up just as they were going to sleep.

Welcome Dante?

1 thought on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Poor Khaled!

  1. Sassy is a beautiful cat! Axel is such a precious little one! They could’ve been out by the road because they were admiring how far they have come. They have a little home, a dog, they are married…then romance time! Dang it no pregnancy! :c

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