Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Just So Sweet!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

A/N: They’re so cute they don’t really need captioning!  Enjoy…

Leave it to this family to make me take a bunch of pics before they even wake up in the morning!  None of that now you two!

Umm… Butter?  Are you okay?  Silly CC bed.

Good morning!  Someone was up before everyone else!


I really need to plant more of those trees!  I love having them eat the fruit slices!

Although, the fruit slices are just to tide them over until they can have real food.

I have no idea why Skylar was there whining to them.  Neither is friends with her.

I moved this bench over by the picnic tables so the little ones wouldn’t be eating so far away by themselves.

Do your sims react like this?  The cheering not the gasping in horror.  It’s how I get sims to sort-of pay attention at weddings.

Looks like we have a feline babysitter.

Both Everett and Drew had whims to play with the boys.  I noticed a big drop in the baby whims which were replaced almost completely by whims for Hayden and Devin!

Isaac and his little nephew Keane caught my eye.  Toddler cuteness everywhere!

You don’t need to take your clothes off to potty Hayden!

Maybe the next building should have bathrooms big enough to screenshot the toilets… and pets in them with the walls up?  ROTFL!  Yes, obviously, there will need to be a building!  Seasons!  Winter!  Eeeeeee!!!

I have plans for all of those feathers, I just keep forgetting.

Aren’t we such good boys?


Apparently, Hayden’s favorite animal is… an ant!  Do we have ant farms?  I don’t think we do?  Ant farms confirmed!  LOL!

Layla and Rhys sighting!

Someone’s getting sleepy.

I love it that the cats do this!

Both little bugs were tucked into their beds.


Eight… I said they slowed down not that they stopped!

I just adore this family!  I didn’t realize at the time but the next day is Hayden’s birthday so stay tuned for that!

Round 5 Birthdays

1 thought on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Just So Sweet!

  1. They are such wonderful parents, they have great boys and are so sweet together! ❤ yes, these really didn’t need that many captions at all!

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