The history of Ash Shore

The original names of Ash Shore and its individual lands are unknown. Perhaps it’s sad to speak of the time before. Ashshore is named thus in reference to the ashes that were on the river shores of all the lands after the fires died down.

Ashshore has its own calendar. It can be broken down into 4 parts. First, obviously are days. We won’t pay much attention to those because for each one I’ll likely play most every household. So one “day” could take quite a long time.

Next are seasons. This was originally planned for Sims 2 in which there are seasons. Until Sims 4 gets them I will have to use mods to simulate them. The reason I need them is that this whole system started with one thought… one word actually: Winterborne. I have no idea where it came from. It’s possible I heard it or read it. Who knows?

So, you have to use your imagination here okay? None of this really makes sense anywhere but in my head!

The planet somehow abruptly and extremely shifted its axis making it, at least temporarily before somehow realigning itself, very hot. Which caused the fires that burned everything and killed most of the population.

The new calendar is based on the time after the fires. When the new turnings start. Okay so I’ve mentioned there are seasons and maybe you’re all like okay cool that’s normal. But it’s not. Each turning the planet gets closer and further from the sun. Depending on how far it is there is a dominant season. This season lasts 6 “days” while the others only last 2. Which is where the terms Summerborne, Winterborne, etc come from. The dominant season of their birth.

Each turning is 4 seasons. 4 turnings are a rhythm. A sim lives approximately 2 rhythms depending on their elder age length. I’m not going to detail the aging system. Suffice it to say that if you think the calendar is confusing it has nothing on the aging!

Ashshore is all known and future Sims 4 “worlds” I don’t plan to go as far as to put them in an order of which lands are closer to each other.  Especially considering that they may be more “worlds” added to the game at some point.  Instead, each of these areas is connected to the river. Have you ever noticed that all of the “worlds” have a river?  Imagine the river branching out like a tree and the lands are spread amongst the branches.

The fires destroyed most of everything and what was left was torn down.  The people of all lands but the city were left homeless. The city’s buildings fared much better. There are still limited supplies in the warehouses. But the (nameless/faceless) sims that live in the city and own the warehouses are more concerned with rebuilding and re-beautifying than starting production back up. Also, all of the workers had been from surrounding lands and after seeing how uncaring the owners are they refused to return.

Supplies are extremely limited and only arrive sporadically at a high cost. It’s up to the survivors in the different lands to fend for themselves.

Present Plans– The survivors live together in a large group without a purpose or plan. These aren’t the only survivors of course but they are the main focus at this point.

Future Plans– I don’t feel like I’m giving too much away by saying that this integrated community will have a fairly complicated barter system. At least at first. In the beginning, they will focus more on surviving and rebuilding. I really have no clue how long this process will take or the details of how they will get new supplies from the city to rebuild the lands but I decided it wasn’t worth spending so much time playtesting it just to figure it out.

I’ve come up with a use for pretty much everything that can be collected or created in this game. I’ll leave out painting and music for now because where would they put the paintings? Lean them on a tree? Music because they shouldn’t have simoleons to tip with. Eventually, these will be added back of course.

Eventually, some sims will work actual careers again as well. But for now, there’s no place to work!  A lot of this part isn’t exactly planned yet so we’ll see how it goes.

Also, note that I’ll likely be moving sims around. Merging and un-merging as needed for one thing or another so I’ll be aging them all manually which is mostly the only reason I’ll personally track days for each household as they are played.  I doubt I will ever mention the days anywhere other than their birth date and maybe the dates of each birthday on their profile.

Also, I put a poem-type-thingy on the Home page if you’re interested.

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