The Gaines Household

Prior to the burnings both Mack and Elsa came from wealthy families who ran in the same social circles.  It was expected that they would one day marry but they were never more than passing friends.  Mack was set to enter into politics and aged up right before everything changed completely.  He is one of the founding members of Ash Shore and his political aspirations have shown through as he’s fought with the moguls in the city for the meager supplies that they’ve received as well as running the supply depot along with Elsa.  Even before they were engaged or even married the two began trying for a child being from old-fashioned families it was ingrained in them from youth to continue the family line.  After marriage and years of trying it finally became apparent that they were unable to have natural-born children and thus adopted first Tatum and later Corbin.  Their dog Khaled is also from a long line of purebred pups from Elsa’s family.  As his elderhood is quickly approaching will she give up her somewhat snobby notions and find him a mate?

Mack Gaines
Elsa Gaines
Tatum Gaines
Corbin Gaines


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