The Bridges Household

Erick and Maxwell’s lives before the Burnings were much different.  Erick was raised by a higher-middle class young mother on the island in Windenburg.  Maxwell is one of the rare natural-born children of a same-sex couple.  Due to the extreme costs of the procedure he and his fathers lived in a small yet happy home.  The boys were friends as teens and became friends once again after the survivors began banding together although only Erick is one of the founding members of Ash Shore.  Both being playful and cheerful and good to their cores they make great teachers for the children and run the schoolhouse on their residence.  It was their patience and kindness with the children that made Enzo and Tobias suggest that they might be better suited as parents to Astrid who was born prematurely to two hot-tempered parents who had no patience for any potential special needs she might have.  They’d considered adopting another child but as they are approaching middle age have decided that their family is complete with Astrid, their feline companion Rainbow, and the children they mentor daily.  Also of note is Rainbow’s recent mating with the Crow family’s cat Butter.

Erick Bridges
Maxwell Bridges
Astrid Bridges
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