Rhythm 1 Turning 1 Chapters

Season 1

The Days After the Burnings

Students and Teachers Club

Settling In

School Projects and More


The Party- Our First Birthday!

The Party- Love at First Sight?

More Matchmaking Mayhem


Going to New Heights

No More Toddlers!

Season 2

The First Seasonal Turning

Welcoming Neighbors


The Shipment

The New Residents

Tanya’s Got Game!

A New Family Member

Love in the Air

Season 3

Growing Up

Moving Forward

Training Day

The Weddings

The Reception

We Will Survive

New Lives

My Babies are Growing Up!

Making Headway

Matchmaking Magic?

Season 4

Spring Fling


So Much Cuteness!

More Chemistry Fun

Don’t Mess with Grandma!

New Center of Attention

Test Results

Private Wedding

What Just Happened???

Long-Awaited Wedding

A Day at the Park

Cat Fight Club


Continued in Turning 2 Chapters

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