Changes in non-story terms

In non-story terms…

There is no buy mode.  It does not exist.  Only on shipment day, when items will be “shipped” back and forth will it be accessible at the supply depot.  I’m still not using simoleans to gauge the value of residents sellable items.  I think it’s ridiculous that you can get rich within days by painting or now flower arranging.  In normal gameplay, it makes more sense but in this context, it really doesn’t.  All of the resident’s items will have a base stone value but I’d prefer they barter when possible.  After a lot of thought, I did come up with an approximate value for stones when purchasing/trading items from the city.

This also means that items they no longer have a use for won’t be sold via buy mode or placed into the household inventory.  They will be taken to the supply depot.  If there’s something there they like they can trade and if not they can be given a stone or more as credit toward a future trade or whatever.  Kids also now have an option to donate objects with scouts and I’m thinking of somehow implementing this for toys and such.  Because, as you may have imagined, things could get tricky.  Let’s say someone has a surprise pregnancy or has twins instead of the single baby they planned for.  They have no cradle!  If there is no extra at the supply depot hopefully someone has one they can barter for.

What this does mean is that items that were previously unavailable will be available to trade.  They will still be leaving stones at the park as payment for use but those stones will be used by Mack and Elsa to help add new items or save up for new public lots.  They are considered a voluntary payment but most will leave them anyway.  There is also the school.  While the stones left there do go to Erick and Maxwell as the teachers, they will use any surplus beyond what they need to purchase new items for the schoolhouse.  But that’s once they have some.  At the moment they only have whatever Mack has at his house!

Cooking ingredients which up to now I’ve just bought them whenever they needed them (aka they came with the supplies from the city) will now have a cost.  I’m thinking of having someone that might cook or bake in exchange for ingredients or something but haven’t really figured out how that could work beyond having the food for sale at the depot which might be kinda weird.  This does make it much more appealing to get garden produce to use for cooking.  As well as being aware of how many ingredients they have left.  As noted in my recent testing I did find a way for them to store the ingredients at the park instead of in their inventories and they now all have storage chests in their homes as well.

After the testing, I feel confident that they should be okay with just Dean, Judy, Isaac, and Enzo bearing the brunt of the gardening and have made a list of who gets what and how much to grow for each of them.  If it seems to be taking longer than expected someone else will be enlisted to take on some of the load.

I really don’t want to get into the same old habit of having sims grind out whatever for simoleans but at the same time I’ve kind of gotten into a rut where they don’t do any of their assigned tasks at all most of the time.  So, I’ve made a sort of schedule to give me an idea of what they should be doing each day.  Work/chores time now includes everyone.  If there are toddlers they should be working on their skills with or without help.  Children can hunt for frogs for the fishers to use as bait.  Teens can go out trying to find collectibles or learning the trade they’ll take on when they age up.  And both could fish a bit as well perhaps.  I really want to hone-in on everyone’s skills and tasks.  Yes, this means more of me controlling them and less autonomy but it’s only for part of the day and it’s required if I want to continue this the way I originally intended.  Plus, I think it will be more interesting to see them working together as a community.

As I play the households, the items that they have to barter or trade will be placed into rooms in my library.  If during the round, someone can use one of those items for barter or trade for stones I will give them the item from the room, delete the room, and place the bartered item(s) in my library to be delivered next time I visit that household.  At the end of the round whatever hasn’t been bartered for will be taken to the depot and set for sale or put into the container for shipment to the city.  If the shipped item isn’t for an immediate trade they will be given a stone from Mack as credit for the item(s).

I also plan to have some very simple starter houses for sims aging up to move into if they elect not to stay with their family until they have saved enough to build or purchase their own home.

Other changes of note are a rework of the trait system implementing gradual gaining of new traits as children age which I feel will be more natural as well as giving the opportunity to tweak profiles based on their current family structure at the time.  I’ve been forced into a complete overhaul of the current population control methods after the results of my testing you can read about in a separate post on Population Control.

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