Ash Shore R1/T2/S4- Feline Love [SS]

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4


A/N: If you missed the note here I’m not going to do these slideshows for the households anymore.

All chapters after this one had to be moved to my main site thanks to Flickr for changing their policy.  I really liked the idea of having Ash Shore as its own site but unfortunately, due to size constraints, that’s not possible.

7 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S4- Feline Love [SS]

  1. Okay! Here comes my ranting weird comments for the day! 1: Kyra’s hair is beautiful, reminds me of a faery type princess or someone at one with the forest kinda thing and it totally suits her! 2: I laughed when I saw the potted plant…Butter is CURED, just not what he once was…oh whoops lemme give you your cat back! 3: Siggy hehehe 4: ‘We make beautiful babies yes?’ LOL AW! 5: Devin is so cute on the pirate ship! 6: That picture of Butter after his walk…and he did look so very proud and content. My heart squeezes thinking about him being old…all of them being old. Ah well, babies! Hayden and Devin are so cute. This household always makes me smile. They are so sweet still!

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    1. Kyra does look great with that hair! Darren, on the other hand, looks weird. I’m hoping it’s just an early teen stage because I’ve had them shipped since toddlers! We still have 5 rounds after this before the first 3 age to elders. So that’s over 70 sim days!

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  2. Butter is so cute ! I love Flower Bunny !

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    1. I love Butter! He’s so sweet. The Flower Bunny is awesome. I thought it was goofy when I saw the trailers but really enjoy having her in the game.


  3. Haha – I love the way Siggy looks at Butter… like “DUDE! – what did they do to you!?”

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    1. Right? I could not stop laughing! He was just staring at him!

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