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I know I keep changing things on here and I’m sorry.  I’m really struggling to try to find a way to pull myself out of the “writer” status with this being a “story.”  Because I’m not and it’s not.  I’m tired of having to put myself down every single time I tell someone about Ash Shore.  No, it’s not really a story.  I just watch my sims and take a bunch of screenshots and sometimes write some commentary.  Or if someone new wants to look at it I’m totally embarrassed.  Especially if they write simlit.  Or if they spend hours editing all of their photos and here I am with a bunch of dark ones because I feel it’s more natural… plus, I don’t have the patience for that.

Slideshows seemed like the solution.  Less feeling like I had to caption every single screenshot.  Something a little more fun.  It took longer than just writing but I told myself it was worth it.  But, what I totally didn’t foresee was that the movements of putting together the slideshow, probably the text parts, would mess up my carpal tunnel.  Bad.  There are some things that I can’t do very long and usually, have to wear a wrist brace for.  CAS and building being the main ones.  Something about the movements of the mouse.  But, that is usually bearable.  I will admit that once I was done with the 4th day of makeovers I was pretty relieved because it was hurting pretty bad by then.  Which is another reason I was so upset over the weird rain outfits.  I’m not doing a ton of building really at the moment.  I’m mostly updating the houses.

Anyway, soon after I finished making the slideshow that will publish today, I was in more pain than I have been in years.  I tried to play but it just wasn’t happening.  It’s a longer slideshow than the others with more pictures and I captioned most of them.  For each one, I have to change the text size, color, font, position, and shading.  And then after I look through them I might go back and change some of that again.  I think it’s those movements that did it.

I’m disappointed but at the same time, I was just trying to figure out when building Vicente and Lucca’s house how on earth I’m going to explain things in a slideshow!  So, maybe it’s for the best.  I think what I’ll do is just make them for the extras that I’ve kept out of all the household chapters.  Those ones are self-explaining and don’t need much text.  I’ll do them for the wedding photos for sure.

The good news is that my forced away-from-computer time gave me an opportunity to figure out most of the details of the upcoming changes for the Third Turning.  It would have been much easier if I could have lined up the timing of Seasons with it but oh well.  Anyway, thanks for reading.  Sorry things are kinda scattered.

5 thoughts on “About Slideshow Chapters

  1. I really encourage you to embrace your own style . No one’s got a game like yours, or Sims like yours , or an approach like yours . I love reading about your experience with the game and all your feelings about it , the hapoy ones and the challenging . You don’t have to fit it into being something else . … just let the account be what it is and that’s where it gets its value and uniqueness! I appreciate it so much and have so much fun reading it .

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    1. Thanks. It’s just so different, in my opinion at least, that I don’t know how to describe it and feel like I’m insulting myself by trying to think of something. “Well, it’s not really a story.” I mean, I have a story in my head all the time but very little of it goes into the actual chapters. I don’t know.


      1. You could use the term chronicle or account . “I’m chronicling the lives of the Sims in this community , ” or “I’m writing accounts of their lives . “

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  2. I’m with CathyTea here – You do your thing and that’s what makes it so brilliant and unique.

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