And Yet More Changes!

I know I keep changing things up but you have to admit that Ash Shore has turned out to be a big unwieldy project.  The way I normally do things just isn’t working.  Now that I’m back to playing I’ve realized that I really did enjoy the way I was organizing the screenshots for the time-jump.  Not the one or two pics per household thing of course!  But how I had different categories to group similar pictures in.  So, as you probably saw in the little snippet yesterday, I’m going to start doing slideshows mostly.  Maybe some colleges as well as short video snippets like adorable kitten/puppy antics that screenshots just can’t capture.

I should hopefully start having at least the play with the individual households posting soon.  I’m still trying to figure out the slideshow tool and all.  So, at the moment, here are some different categories.  The initial ones are for the households like EM=Erick & Maxwell and ME=Mack & Elsa.  I’ve been doing it that way forever.  The other ones are new.

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