Ash Shore R1/T2/S4: Spring Fling Celebration

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4

Awe look at them all arriving for the party bundled up!

Not exactly the item that I expected them to all zero in on from the start.

Poor Sick Darrell.  You’ll see more about this in the extras.  Also, I swear I didn’t realize until I was looking through these screenshots that that post was in the middle of that room!

Warming by the fire.

But mommy!

More fire.  I feel like they can’t decide if they’re hot or cold.

Mack decided it’s hot and was also the first sim to ever use the new pool!

Brotherly hugs.

Sweet kisses.

And daddy hugs!

A little sisterly chat between Rylee and Zoey.

Popcorn.  I didn’t realize until about now that I had forgotten to put the food mod back in.  I was wondering if Isaac had been able to make it because he has corn in his inventory or something.

I don’t think Tricia is interested in her brother’s basketball lessons.

Rylee looks bored.

Aimee and Zion chatting.  She looks gorgeous as usual.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

And look, Rylee and Tricia aren’t wearing winter coats anymore.  They all seemed extremely confused about which outfit they should be wearing.

Cutie Zoey playing.  Technically, she and Lyric are supposed to be too young to be up and about but it seemed a shame not to see them.

Everyone seems to like the kitchen!

Callum found the foosball table.

Oh look.  I finally remembered to take a pic of the whole exterior.  As you can see it is decorated.  I did this by making it residential and moving a sim in temporarily to put them up.  They also found those flowers that are on the picnic tables.

Awe Keane!  So cute.

As usual, I was just enjoying watching them all.  I actually kept forgetting to take screenshots.

Lyric was going to go play in a toilet I think.  I wonder if there’s a way to lock a door for toddlers?  Doubtful.  The family bathroom is the other one.

As seen here where Tatum has just had a potty accident which Khaled rolled in!  Gross!  I was quite annoyed with Khaled.  Both Mack and Elsa tried to send him home multiple times but he wouldn’t go!

Trust me, the food mod was put back in after this.  He and Elsa would not stop cooking!  And look, Christian and Michelle’s bird statues guard the four corners of the park!

A bit of a different look for these two.  I think I’m really zero’ing in on the type of clothes to give different personalities.

Cutie Lyric unsteady on her feet!

Tatum napping.

The pool seems to be a big hit.

Sitting next to your (hopefully) soon to be sister-in-law Enzo?

Callum’s turn to be all cute in the boat.

Yes, Christian’s stopped dying his hair pink.  Sorry guys, it’s just too hard to find pink hair I like!

Judy and Aimee admire the washer and dryer!  When I was testing the park the sim did laundry.  No clue where she got the clothes from.

More unsteadiness from Lyric.  She is just adorable.

Keane chatting with Astrid.

Hayden looks like he’s trying to talk Axel into some mischief.

Why am I not surprised to find Maxwell and Rhys trying out the new hoop?

They might have all this new stuff but really they love nothing more than to dance right?

Axel showing off his moves to dad.

Bro hugs.

So, I realized that I’d not seen Zeke, Dion, or Dante.  I have no clue where they went.  Here’s Zeke arriving… again.

He went right to the stuffed kitty and gave it a big hug.  So sweet!

Tatum woke from her second nap and went to play.

Here’s Dante!  He looks so big compared to Zoey.  I never did get Dion to show up.  Maybe I miscounted the number of sims invited.

Looks like she’s asking daddy for something.

I like their new looks.  They’re parents now after all.

Aimee enjoying a cup of tea while admiring the new kitchen.

You’re here to wash a plate?  I’m here to wash a plate!

The party was winding down as night began to fall.  Callum and Devin played on the ship before they had to leave.


A/N: I have all of these little tidbits I’d taken while getting everyone’s new profile pics and such so I decided to just tack them on to the end of this chapter.

It seems that Kaylyn and Brice have a thing going!

Poor Doodle didn’t understand why I kept making her go out in the rain.

Callum showing off how to change their umbrella colors.  If they don’t change have them close then open it!

When I was getting Leon’s profile pic I noticed Khaled digging.  That new mod is awesome!

Hannah holding the umbrella over Daisy’s head.  I wonder how they like living in Willow Creek.  They’ve always lived in Oasis Springs.

Lighten up, Tricia!  Your dad is having a blast!  I have to say that Grady looks great as an elder.

Fish was chillin’ when I was taking Drake and Kiera’s pics.  You can see Layla back there waiting for him.

It was so weird going from Willow Creek to Oasis Springs.

I couldn’t resist.


Next door I found grandma Meredith sleeping on a bench dripping wet.

As I was finishing up their pics, Tobias stopped by to say hi to his family!  Obviously, this house needs updating but I’ll need to do the played household’s houses first.

Across the street from Lucca and Vicente are his sister and Reece… and the twins Gavin and Garrett!

So sweet.  She is just so pretty!

The pics for the Burton’s had to be delayed due to a thunderstorm.  Their house looks lonely all by itself!

Over to Windenburg Sierra seems to be telling the boys to listen to her.

Then down the street Jitterbug is making this silly face at Zoey.

And Darrell was sick and wet.  All of the medicine at the depot disappeared, unfortunately.

Just a few dog walking pics.  Fish looks tired out.

And there he is again.  I’m not actually sure when I took these two.  It might have been when I was trying to test something out.

And, last but not least, you will notice that each house now has a decorative birdhouse.  But, it is not a birdhouse.  It is a mailbox that thinks it’s a birdhouse!  Or, a birdhouse that thinks it’s a mailbox?  AleNik was very sweet to make this for me.  If you’d like one as well it’s on AleNik’s Studio.  I think it’s quite whimsical.

Home Again!

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S4: Spring Fling Celebration

  1. I think you need to update the roster Stormy! Also Lyric is so friggin’ cute! I’ll miss their colored hair but they are parents now. I do like their updated looks, everyone’s! Aimee is drop-dead hot. Lucky Zion haha!

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      1. Update the chapter list, you’re missing the last few days worth! The last one on there is Lost Years 5

        Liked by 1 person

        1. What? I just updated that yesterday.

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