Ash Shore R1/T2/S4: Home Again!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4

These screenshots are a mishmash over a three day period.  First and foremost we now have a more suitable house!  And Tatum, as you can see, is a toddler.

They even have a fireplace.  Although, they do need to get it upgraded.  I’m not fond of the idea of a housefire!

Khaled gets a scratch while Mack begins to search in the decorating boxes.  I guess they must have just had a bunch of boxes with decorations in one of the city warehouses?

Khaled on nooboo guard duty.

That must be some story!

Praising Khaled as per usual.

Tatum was hungry.  I suppose they might have been able to get some cheap kitchen appliances from the city but by now it’s just part of life going to the park to cook.  And yes, this is the park!

Nothing like 2am pancake breakfast eh?  Khaled was filthy again.

A few others showed up too even at this late hour.

A little preview of the outside.

Awe what a cutie!  Better take her home to sleep properly in her bed.

This is the next day.  I was doing profile pics and checking clubs and giving them all umbrellas during the day and going to Mack and Elsa’s when it got dark.

Someone was not happy about being told not to play in the toilet!

Comforting hugs from mamma.

I think Khaled approves of the new couch!

Awe little Corbin.  I can’t wait to see him as a toddler!  That’s a ways off though, unfortunately.  He’s still practically a newborn.  They literally got him right before I stopped playing for Seasons.

So cute!  And cozy.

Playing in the toilet again.  It might be weird but I wish we could train toddlers not to do things like we do pets.

Bedtime for the little bug.

Khaled was disappointed that his new companion wasn’t available for playtime.

No worries!  Daddy’s here!

Look how fancy!  The other houses are also decorated for Spring Fling!  Which is kinda odd considering nobody lives in the two outer ones.  Although we can pretend the unhoused sims live there I suppose.  Talon lives in the center house which used to be Winston’s.

And here they are arriving home from the Spring Fling party now!  I’ve finally finished the outside of the house.

Watching her climb the step is adorable!  Khaled was tired out and fell asleep as soon as they got home.

A tuck in from daddy.

You do know you have a couch now right?

Khaled is trying to figure out what the decoration that was found in the box is.

Having a chat with the pup.

I think they’re happy with their remodel.

That must have been a great nap because he was zooming all over the place!

He also stood outside the kid’s room barking and woke up Tatum.

Elsa ended up falling asleep in the tub so Mack did a little extracting.

Then Corbin woke up and thus so did Tatum.

Run run run!

Awe look at him holding the bottle!  I feel like the darker skinned babies look less like plastic dolls.

I think she took the run run run too far?

Was mom trying to prove a point about how inappropriate it was to go outside in a diaper by changing into winter clothing?

Sent back to bed with Khaled on her heels.

Awe!  So sweet.  Such a good pup guarding his kids.


Tatum meeting Corbin.  She was happy!

Those decorating boxes are magic Mary Poppins/Tardis-style boxes that somehow fit this huge tree inside!  The fancy base was totally inappropriate so I put it inside the tire planter out front.

This would have been a cute pic if it wasn’t for just one thing.

Distracted by Dean walking Fish outside.  That hair makes him look younger.  He’s always had long hair but it’s normally tied back.

You know how much I love my glitches.

That papaya is bigger than her head!

Ugh.  We’re so far into the first spring round!  I never expected the profile pics and such to take two days.  The plan is to have whatever the holiday is being celebrated the first “day” of the season aka the first 14 sim days.  LOL!

The Flower Bunny

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S4: Home Again!

  1. Khaled is such a great dog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is! I thought it was so cute that he kept laying down in the kid’s bedroom.


  2. Khaled is a wonderful dog! I love the house remodel, they are such a wonderful family! I’m glad she was happy with her new sibling!

    Liked by 1 person

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