Resident Profiles Pics Updated!

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve updated the profile pictures on the Resident Profiles page.  The profiles themselves still need cleaned up a bit and updated with married names and such.  I’ve made sure everyone is in the clubs they are supposed to be as well as deleting a few of them but haven’t updated the group lists with the new members.

I really haven’t played very much.  All of them have makeovers on all outfit categories which took me about 4 days but despite that, they keep wearing these weird randomized outfits when it rains and since it’s spring and it rains all the time I’ve gotten frustrated.  I tried just turning off the rain but that’s disappointing as well.  I did this whole “time jump” and detailed backstory that took a lot of work in order to explain actual weather and here I’ve turned it off.  I did play them during that time jump but that was 3 to 4 households in a sim day.  I feel shortchanged and disappointed.

The plan is to remodel their houses as I play them but the only one I’ve gotten done is Mack and Elsa’s.  I do have some pics when I played them a bit in between taking profile pics but it’s not enough for a decent chapter.  I may just start remodeling others until I get over the rainwear-induced depression.  Which will, in turn, mean no chapters until I snap out of it.  I did play for a little bit yesterday and had a party for the main families so hopefully, I’ll get that written up for tomorrow.

Hope you’re all enjoying the weather.  It really has made the game beautiful.

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