Dylan & Aubree’s Wedding

The beginning…

Dylan arrived in Ash Shore the first Autumn season along with his father Adan and cousin Talon.

Aubree arrived the first spring with her father Demetrius, step-mother Libby, and brothers Reece and Casen.  She and Dylan were still fairly young so their relationship was less interesting at the time than her brother’s.

As well as Dylan’s father’s relationship with Kyra’s mother Sophia.

They both shared a love of dancing.

Neither of them is very outgoing so it was nice to see them let loose.

Finally, when the two were in their late teens, her brother Casen pulled Dylan aside and suggested maybe it was time to make his move.

And he did to Aubree’s delight!

After that, they were seen at the park together quite often.

And while Kiera and Drake were doing the whole teen thing and making out all over the place, these two kept their relationship very sweet and reserved.

The day Dylan aged up they were being absolutely adorable.  (The day she aged up I have not one pic of them together!)

I think they were very confused.  Between the non-stop flirting first she proposed and he said no…

And then later he proposed and she did the same!

Thanks to relationship culling, things moved even slower between his father and Sophia but they were finally married.

And after the wedding, he met Aubree at the temporary park but it was mostly just joking around between them.  Perhaps they needed to break the tension from the denied proposals?

And then later at Aubree’s little brother Callum’s birthday, it was more flirting but nothing else and I was trying to decide if perhaps it would be better if they just live together without being married for the time being or stay in their parent’s houses a little longer.

And then one day they were at the park together and she was being very cute.  Almost like she was saying “okay I’m ready now” and even if Dylan hadn’t realized what was going on his father did by the look he’s giving him.

Things got steamy and still, he didn’t seem to get it.

And, finally, as the new day dawned she gave in and asked him… again!  This time, he said yes.

The wedding…

3 thoughts on “Dylan & Aubree’s Wedding

  1. Aubree is beautiful in her wedding dress with her hair like that and the glasses! I also love how the guys were cheering them on in the background! I hope they get the first roll! Oh wait they aren’t played…well how does that work with babies?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With the new forced 14-day rounds I’ll be able to play some of the other households here and there.

      Liked by 1 person

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