Ash Shore The Lost Years Part 5

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4

A/N: This is technically the first of the new season but I’m not counting it as so.  I wanted the time jump to be as much as possible so I did the birthdays for round 11 early.  I also did this because I’ll have to give everyone a makeover before I start playing them again and it’ll be easier if they’re already aged up.

Round 11 aka now…

Lucia turned 60.

And was a bit confused when this relationship between her daughter and Kelsi started?

Scarlett’s twin Skylar aged to 18.

And then she did as well.

And got her first kiss shortly after.

Drew aged to 40.

And then Darrell after him.

And finally, there was Rylee aging to 12.

Her mom didn’t seem to notice.

When Darrell and Naomi said something to Kaylan she just rolled her eyes.

Rylee didn’t seem to be pleased either.  But wow isn’t she cute?  As birthdays go it wasn’t very eventful.  They pretty much just blew out the candles and that was it.  There were only a few things left here at the temporary park.  They’ll make up for it at the Spring Fling party.

Another sad goodbye…

Grim visited the desert lands.

Cecilia was expecting him and greeted him with open arms.

It’s always hardest on those who are left behind.

Grim left them to their grieving.

Mack and Elsa adopted a baby boy they named Corbin.  You’ll have to wait for their house to be finished for a closer look!  I tried to fit in as much as I could into those last days not knowing when I’d be able to play them again.  And when I closed down the game I cried!  I love these sims and even though I’ll be seeing most of them in the “past” save I’m sad.

Welcome to season 4!  Time to see how their first “real” spring goes!

I’m adding this in now.  Like now now not now before Seasons.  LOL!  I’ve spent days doing makeovers on all of the sims and the park is almost complete.  At the moment, the only house I’ve finished is Mack and Elsa’s and that still needs the outside done.

And once I’d finished the makeover marathon I spent a few sim hours with them.

Because, up to this point, I’d not even seen baby Corbin other than when I was in build mode working on their house!

Little Tatum was pleased to meet her new brother which made me happy as well!

And as morning dawned I made note that the brand new mod I’m testing out is working!  Michelle was walking Snoozer behind their house… in Newcrest!  Now, if we could only get sims to take a stroll with their cats like in Sims 2.

Like I said, the park is pretty much done.  I thought of a few other things to add.  I’d originally planned to do all of the houses before playing but at this point, I’ve barely even seen the Seasons pack and I’m missing my sims!  I have a few odds and ends to do before I play them like giving them all umbrellas, checking to see if they’re in the clubs they should be, and most importantly taking new profile pics!  The profiles page is sooo horribly out of date and there’s several sims that aren’t even on there and a few that don’t even live in Ash Shore anymore that are.  Then… I can play!!!

Spring Fling Celebration

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore The Lost Years Part 5

  1. Have I caught up or is it on to Turning 3? Cause this doesn’t have Spring Fling celebration!

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    1. No, Turning 3 starts with summer. Summer’s the first season of the Turnings.

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      1. Ditched the different seasons then? With Seasons?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t understand what you mean? The Turnings always start in Summer. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring… over and over again. 2/2/2/6 depending on the Turning.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh I forgot about that then oops!

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