Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 4

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 3

Our girl sure loves her Khaled!

Havin’ a chat with daddy.

Owen looks much older in that sweater.  I couldn’t think of what else for him to wear!  Looks like Tristen is trying to sweet talk him into staying at the park.

So sweet!

I love it when they kneel to talk!

Learnin’ some dance moves from dad.

Look who’s big enough to come to the park!

I have a feeling that Dion is going to be a real sweetheart!

A little wobbly there Zeke?

A sweet hello from Puddin’.

Flashcards for the little one.

I wonder if Zeke’s been being a little troublemaker?  Enzo looks kinda stern here.

Maybe not.  Enzo loves telling stories.  Remember the stories he used to tell Sierra when she was little?

I just love these two.

The way the girls greeted each other was so adorable!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them just wave like this!

She looks like she’s channeling Tobias here.  I did have her flirt a few times but I didn’t want to get too crazy with it since she’s part of a played household and I was only playing them a few hours.

Little Dion playing blocks while his dads chat.

Daisy came over to help him.

A very pregnant Summer stopped by to give Zeke a hug.  Or maybe he was sharing the love?

Another sweet couple… but aren’t they all really?

More bush woohoo.  The one time I was in their house the day they got married they had to have a quick woohoo in the bed too.  Sheesh.

Attention for Smeagie.

Casen always seems to be at the park when they’re there!

Adan and Sophia also always seem to be there since they got married!  Before that, neither of them were ever out and about.  I guess strength in numbers or something?

Summer showed up again too.  Look at that belly!  It seems twice as large as Michelle’s eh?

That’s the hair Axel aged up in and wow is it perfect!

Tatum comes over for a dance.

Joined soon after by Zeke.

Tatum’s looking at her dog like how did you get filthy this time?!

Speaking of filthy!  Zeke what did you do???

Do you remember that time that Hayden and Devin had dirty diapers for days because I kept assuming they’d get changed when I’m not playing them?  Well, I wasn’t going to have that happen again!  Forgive me if the bathroom looks nothing like this in the future, lol.

I know it must be confusing that there are only a few pics from each household but I really was trying not to take a lot!

Telling jokes with auntie Layla and uncle Isaac.

Neat freaks.  What ya gonna do right?  I was really hoping that Rhys would show up but no luck.

Summer and Reece had their twins, Garrett and Gavin.  Now, I think this is actually fate!  Do you remember when Elsa couldn’t get pregnant I went into a test save and had Summer and Reece try for a baby?  They were pregnant with twin boys then too!

Astrid is such a cutie!

Looks like Dion’s not paying much attention to the flashcards with Puddin’ there.

She can hardly see to shoot!

A little dancing while her dads flirt.  What’s new right?

I decided to play Tanya and Stephon again.  Well, as soon as they got to the park they started flirting and went straight to the bush to woohoo!

Or not?

They have never once gotten a baby whim so I was shocked.  The dogs waited impatiently for them to exit the bush.

And then one immediately jumped in!  So funny!

A dance with Khaled.

Nothing else exciting happened with Tanya and Stephon and so I decided to play Dylan and Aubree for a bit since I saw them there flirting.

It was very romantic and as you know she proposed!

A little playtime with Hayden and Devin.

Butter’s wondering why nobody’s playing with him?

Almost everything had been moved to the new park.

Looks like Dion’s getting quite spry!

Tristen and his cousin Mia joined the family for a chat.

Knowing that the temporary park would be cleared out soon, Christian and Michelle got a babysitter for Lyric so they could collect all of the feathers.

And I gave them a freebie try for baby since it was their last chance.  No luck.  None for Tanya and Stephon either if you were wondering.  Which is kinda for the best seeing as how we have sooo many little ones at the moment!

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 4

  1. Such cute toddlers !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s driving me crazy not playing them and just doing makeovers. Almost done and soon I can play with my kiddos again!


  2. I would love for Tanya and Stephon to have a baby! So much cuteness ❤ That’s awesome, first twins of Ash Shore!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They have never once gotten a baby whim and the last few times I played them I flipped through whims obsessively. Maybe they don’t want them?

      Liked by 1 person

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