Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 3

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 3

Round 10 before the birthdays…

I mentioned in the last chapter that I’ve been wanting to find someone for poor Jorden who’s such a sweetheart that even though I don’t play him I’d like to see him with somebody!  Well, it just so happens that I had a family already made.  Yes, I know that’s weird.  Long story short.  I’d rolled them in the middle of the night and completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago!  So, meet the daughter Aniyah.  She has younger brother Darius too.  Shockingly though, Aniyah ended up being a great match for Jorden!

Two birds one stone and all that…  I decided since I’m playing her brother for a few hours I might as well try to get things going between Hannah and Quinton.

Guys, one flirt.  Seriously!  All I did was initiate the first flirt and they just went crazy with it!

So adorable.

Meanwhile, Jorden was still making friends with Aniyah.

But then once they were friends and a few flirts were thrown around they soon caught up to his sister and surpassed her by having their first kiss and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend!

Layla’s “teen” look is so cute!  Her pup Fish had to keep warm ya know!

A bit of chatting with bestie Kyra although their personalities are quite different these days!

This final round was just utter confusion as I was trying to get anything and everything possible done before I was locked out of this save after the Seasons patch.  Which is why I ended up playing part of a sim day before the birthdays.  Enzo and Tobias showed up and just sat chatting so I snapped a pic while waiting for the rest of them.

Round 10 birthdays…

Kenneth aged to 59.

As did Abbey.

Her son Efrain aged to 18.

Owen turned to 12 joining his sister in teendom.

Axel turned 5.

As did Astrid.

This is Aniyah’s little brother Darius. He must have been there already when I’d changed the lot from a park to generic.

Not all times were happy…

We all knew this day would come.  Our sims cannot live forever.  Thankfully, Grim is making it easier for us.

He came for Winston first.

And called Cupcake into his arms.

He brought Cupcake to live with Declan, Owen, Mia, and Tristen Page.

And gave the little girl a scratch before announcing that she was pregnant!

Cupcake was christened with a dino outfit.  I’ve never given her outfits because she never visited the park!  Little Tristen seems attached already.  There was quite a bit of confusion over the whole pregnancy thing until I discovered that it was caused by the update from MCCC and her being marked unplayed.  Ugh.  You’d better bet I turned that off.  Not that I don’t want babies but I want them on my terms!  The father was the Carson’s chihuahua Dyno-Myte who doesn’t live in the ‘hood anymore.

Doodle, I learned was also pregnant.  She was impregnated by the Fleming’s cat Booger.

Since Doodle was pregnant and I don’t play the Buchanan household, Isaac and Casen had two cats until I could figure out why she hadn’t had her kitten yet!  It had actually been a few sim weeks since the pregnancies had been started and I just didn’t realize it!

Casen’s dad was there and gave him a hug.  He’ll get Doodle back after her kitten is born!

A few days later, I decided to try to figure out what the heck was going on with Cupcake and Doodle’s pregnancies.  I ended up figuring out that my setting to increase the pregnancy length affected the pets too!  Ugh.  But, at least I got to spend some time with her new family.

And then Dynamo was born!

Followed by Noodle.

Part 4 coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 3

  1. Astrid is still charming ! Sorry to see Grim visit .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even more so! I actually didn’t realize that you were commenting about toddler Astrid yesterday, oops! It was inevitable that Grim would visit. I actually changed the system I was using for those rolls because I really don’t like the idea of my young sims passing on. I’m not writing this as some sort of drama so it’s not really necessary to have sudden deaths to add to a story.


  2. Bye Winston. Poor Cupcake, but at least she was adopted and then a kitten and a pup! Dynamo! D’awwww he looks like his Dad! Astrid and Axel, I am rooting for them to get together cause they are so freaking cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yea? You ship Astrid and Axel?

      Liked by 1 person

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