Isaac & Casen’s Wedding

The beginning…

By far of any of the couples in Ash Shore Isaac and Casen’s has been the most interesting.  Their friendship had been culled and I decided to have Isaac give a flirty introduction since he’d rated high on the flirtiness scale.

Next thing I knew they were flirting like crazy!

And spent the school day being absolutely adorable.  I was shocked to realize that within only a few hours they’d maxed both their friendship and romance bars!

The next time I saw them they were all over each other!

With their 0 to 100 teen courtship I thought for sure they would be engaged as soon as they aged up!  But in the meantime, I got to enjoy their schoolday antics!  Ash Shore schooling at it’s best here!

And when Isaac aged up nothing really changed.  They were still my most demonstrative couple.

I had to restrain myself from taking too many pics of them at Erick and Maxwell’s wedding they were being so cute!

When I realized that there was no imminent engagement after Casen also aged up he and Lucca started camping out together and when they still hadn’t gotten engaged Isaac and Vicente started camping together as well since Isaac was around 22 by then.  I started to wonder if the spark was gone?  They’d started to act like an old married couple!

Since he’d left his childhood cat Doodle with his younger brother Callum, Casen adopted Sassy.

And while I was playing both households it felt like neither couple was going to move forward and I was thinking soon I’d have to have them live together before being engaged like Erick and Maxwell.

But it turned out that their best friends had a secret.  They’d gotten engaged and nobody knew!

Which left Isaac and Casen living together after-all.  Perhaps the pressure was off then?  Because Casen almost immediately proposed!

Wedding pics…

The rest of the pics…

Casen’s family I swear!  First, his brother Callum was just standing over there watching then…

His sister and her boyfriend were making out!

Layla and Keane look so cute!  I had to add them to the household and change their clothes!

They were just sitting there like this… before the wedding!  Maybe they were showing everyone how to correctly sit?

Usually, everyone’s all spread out all over the place!  Look at them all lined up chatting!

The boys were so cute sitting together.  I adore them both.

Look at them!  They’re so sweet!

The guys returned and everyone was joking around.

I guess there’s no real relationship name for Keane and Callum eh?  Nephew of one and brother of the other?

And as morning dawned Casen gave his little brother a hug.  So sweet!  I think this is the last of the night weddings I’m going to do for awhile.  I was actually disappointed when I saw how few pics I had.

2 thoughts on “Isaac & Casen’s Wedding

  1. They both look so grown up, I didn’t recognize Casen at all, he has changed so much in the Lost Years, no longer the teen looking boy man…ah I am so happy for them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Casen has sort of a swarthy look to him.

      Liked by 1 person

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