Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 2

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 3

A/N: I originally hadn’t planned to play through days 9 and 10 but the thought of missing out on what amounted to approximately 2 years of their lives was just depressing!  Obviously, I used the snow mod seeing as how this is all before the release of Seasons.  As with the previous post of days 7 and 8, this one will be a condensed mismatch of pics.  Enjoy!

Round 9 birthdays…

Callum and Mia waiting for the party to start.

Kiera aged to 18.

Mia aged to 12.

Callum aged to 5.

Meet Zeke and Dion!  Their mother died in childbirth and their father was so heartbroken he didn’t feel he could raise the boys himself.

Third trimester and Michelle’s belly finally popped!

Second-trimester belly for Summer.  We saw her first at Lucca and Vicente’s wedding.

I was really trying hard not to screenshot anywhere but at the temporary park but look how cute they are… all of them!

Big brother hugs.

This was at the birthday party.  Declan chatting with little Tristen who’d just aged to a toddler.

Cousin Mia brought Tristen a slice of her birthday cake.

Kiera and Drake were so sweet.  Of course, as soon as I started thinking awe she’s so nice she’d turn around and tell someone off!  Drake didn’t seem to mind since he proposed!

Since I’ve never played this household I had a bit of fun with them.

More flirting between Dylan and Aubree.  I was trying to decide if they should live together even if they weren’t going to get married.

One of our newlywed couples.

Rylee was looking forward to being a big sis!

I swear they barely pay attention to anyone else since they got married!  I was also thinking at the time that it’s a shame that Jorden (behind them) didn’t have chemistry with any of the other sims his age!  He’s a really great guy.

Like I said, I was trying not to take any pics inside their houses.  Forgive me if it looks nothing like their future house but it was so cute!  Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.  LOL!

Tatum is such a little sweetie.  Like the total opposite of troublemaker Astrid!

And she was already good friends and later became companions with Khaled!

Such sweetness!

A bit of chatting between the Sands boys.

Smeagie comes over to say hello but Axel doesn’t seem too sure about this scary looking cat!

They’re such a great family!

As you can probably tell by now I was having a harder and harder time not taking screenshots.

Dance party?

Awe yea groove kiddos!

Very soon there will be a Young baby!

They are so cute together.

So domestic.

And sweet.

They had a little woohoo which Rhys stood spying and Hannah gasped in horror!

Haha, all of those tree branches!

They wanted a bonfire.  I love this interaction.  I wish it was autonomous.

Newly married Casen popped by for a chat.

(Wedding pics will post after this due to Callum’s birthday being immediately before the wedding.)

Yikes, Khaled needs a bath!

Astrid was getting so big!

I wonder what the little trouble-maker is up to this time?

She finally met Tatum.

Cue the “Rainbow’s in heat” sequence…

Say what?  There were no hearts!

Meanwhile, Astrid notices that her dad’s aren’t paying attention to her and decides to fuss.


Someone else is spoiled as well!

Rainbow rejects Smeagie.

But shockingly accepts Butter and they mated… autonomously!

Which led to Maxwell carrying her around!  He’s the only sim that does this.

Someone was tired so it was time to move on!

I just happened to see little Tatum out here getting tripped by the cats!

Adorable little Zeke arrived at the park with Tobias and Sierra.

Puddin’ was in rare form.

Tobias’s face cracked me up!

I doubt you’ll be able to hold him long daddy!

Meanwhile, this just kept popping up over and over again!  Driving me crazy.

Sierra swapped with Enzo and went home to care for baby Dion.

So cute!  Unfortunately, the pop-ups never stopped.  There had to have been 30 of them so I had to leave them.

It was time for Aimee to give birth.  Darrell was awfully confident.  Welcome to Ash Shore Zoey Connelly!

Our next birth was Lyric Young.  I absolutely love that name and figured our artistic parents could pull it off!

Time to play the newlyweds for a bit.

That must be some story!

Layla is so darned cute!

First woohoo.  See Doodle there singing?  I’d forgotten to take her out of their household when she was staying with them during Callum’s birthday!

And, I’ll leave you with that appetizing picture.  I’d meant to make rounds 9 and 10 one chapter but there was no way!  I’d also planned to publish Isaac and Casen’s wedding pics before this chapter but when looking over it I realized that Callum’s a child there before you saw the birthday here so it’s a bit confusing here… sorry!

Round 10 pics coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 2

  1. Astrid ! She’s so charming !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s so vibrant! I can’t wait to see her again. I did her makeover yesterday. I’m a little over halfway through all of them!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So. Much. CUTENESS!!!!! Also I love the name Lyric, it’s absolutely perfect for that family! Hey there Jorden, hang in there bud!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was actually planning to name my first son Lyric but he ended up being a boy not a girl like they thought! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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