Vicente & Lucca’s Wedding

The beginning…

Vicente and Lucca were actually part of a group that arrived in Ash Shore together.  It just goes to show how much I liked them that I was rooting for this potential couple that I really didn’t know yet!

Vicente and Tobias cooked up a plan to get their parents together.

Lucca’s claim to fame was his close relationship with his sister Summer.  I was shocked when I did a search for “Summer and Lucca” how many results popped up!

After their parents got together Tobias helped Vicente out with a new look.  Before this, it always seemed to be Vicente watching Lucca but things changed.

And yet, they were never more than friends.

Summer married Casen’s older brother Reece.  These two really are the closest siblings I’ve ever had!

And, after they’d both aged up they finally got around to some flirting.

Eventually, Lucca and Casen started to camp out together and then later Vicente and Isaac as well.  And both Vicente and Lucca started getting baby whims like crazy!

Anyone who loves the man and the cat is a winner!

And he did win him.  Although I have no idea when or who asked who!

The wedding…

The rest of the pics…

Isaac attempting a bit of poetry.  Casen doesn’t seem to know what to think!

Tobias’s dad Alvin and Vicente’s mom had adopted his cutie little sister Alayna.

Vicente and Lucca were out by the pond so long most of the guests left and the few that stayed started napping!

Summer showed up to the wedding pregnant!

Finally, they returned.

After all this time living with Smeagie and her scary mom before her I think Keirstin is still a bit afraid!

Look how happy Vicente is to see Lucca holding his their cat!

5 thoughts on “Vicente & Lucca’s Wedding

    1. Thanks! Them and their secret engagement. I looked back on all the last chapters with them and never did figure out when it happened.


  1. Freaking finally! They are so so so cute they better have lots of little kittens for Lucca and babies for Vicente! I need this in my life!

    Liked by 1 person

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