Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 1

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

A/N: This is just a mish-mash of pics that didn’t fit in any of the categories from the Time-Jump post.  Originally, the birthdays were all in a chapter by themselves but I found that it was confusing that way in the catch-up chapters because you wouldn’t even know who they are if they aged from toddler or child.

Round 7 birthdays …

Adan aged to 40.

His son Dylan aged to 18.

Darren aged to 12.

And Keane aged to 5.

Since I was playing Adan I decided to get he and Sophia’s relationship back up to where it had been.

Speaking of relationships.  Now that his son Dylan is also an adult I thought perhaps it was time for things to get a bit more serious with Aubree…

Wait.  What???

Seriously???  Eh, well.  Better luck next time guys?

This round with Mack and Elsa was uneventful since Tatum was still a baby.

Things are always so fun in the Sands household!

Dante was now a wee little toddler looking so like his big brother Axel!

And Axel cheered him on for his first potty training session.

They went to the park for a bit where he promptly fell asleep.

I caught sight of another set of brothers playing.  They are just so cute!

Keane’s up at the top.  All these kiddos!

Some at home time with the Mesners.

A little chatting between the secret fiances.

I held back this little tidbit from the last chapter with Lucca.  I cannot believe that they got engaged and didn’t let me know about it!  I’m tellin ya, my sims have broken the 4th wall!

I absolutely love that they still do this!

Oh Smeagie, you terrifying yet adorable cat!

A first-trimester pregnant bellies comparison!

I popped in to check in on Tanya and Stephon who finally had their first woohoo.

While they were at it Cecilia completed another book.  She didn’t look very happy.

Moving on to Erick and Maxwell’s… and Astrid’s of course!

She is just so cute!

As are Drew and Everett!  Although, I don’t know if their boys would agree!

Round 8 birthdays…

Grady aged to 59.

Sophia aged to 40.

Drake aged to 18.

Kyra aged to 12.

It was Sophia’s turn to age to adult and things got very steamy between her and Adan.  So steamy they got engaged!

Drake decided it was in his best interest to move out of the house… away from his mother.  Yikes!

I’m not sure whether this was a smile or what?

A little Rhys/Layla cuteness.

Guess who else had a birthday?  Our little Tatum!  Isn’t she sooo cute???

Just a few absolutely adorable pics I took while adjusting Tatum’s height.

Apparently, Tatum is a very skilled toddler since she had such great balance so young and could stand.

So funny!  Mack was potty training and Elsa marched past with a dirty Khaled to give him a bath and both of them watched them.

Maybe not completely steady on her feet yet.

A little playtime for mom and dad while the little one naps.

Haha, Khaled!

After the birthdays the park was moved to a temporary location.  This is the only pic I took of Isaac and Casen… other than Casen proposing shortly after this of course!  After Vicente and Lucca married Isaac and Casen moved in together.  Thankfully, they almost immediately got engaged!

Since they were there I switched over to the Sands household where Dante is now old enough to hang out at the park with the rest of the family.

Ragtime is so spoiled!

So much cuteness!

While Dante gets his potty training Axel tags along to show how it’s done.

These two are just so sweet together!  I swear it’s like they make up for all of that time that they barely talked and amped up the romance tenfold!

Also, they were approved for an adoption which you should know already.

Little Keane is such a cutie!  It was difficult deciding on a look for him since his dad is so serious while his mother is very playful!

Having a chat with his buddy Callum who will age up soon as well!

I can see these two being good friends!  They’ll be sort-of like family once Isaac and Casen are married.

I caught sight of the Sands brothers being all cute by the toys.

Fish always wants a jog!  Energetic dogs!  Layla didn’t have much to do anyway as it was still earlier than when the teens begin trickling into the park.

I’m not sure what Keane thinks of his dad’s smooth moves but Judy seemed impressed!  And Demetrius back there cracked me up!

Christian and Michelle did a little fancy artwork with all of the feathers that were lying around.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the new park doesn’t have several of their owl statues when it’s completed!

Cutie Astrid.

Tricia and Hayden having a laugh.

Drew and Everett boogying down.

And, of course, where one brother is the other is sure to be close by!

Keeping an eye on their little troublemaker.

I wonder what Dante is saying that Aimee is making that face?

Daddy hugs!

No clue what he was mentoring!

Second-trimester bellies comparison!  As you can see, Michelle’s is non-existent!  I seriously had to keep checking her for the moodlet!

Aimee didn’t have the same issue.

And just a quick pic of Rylee being all helpful and adorable.

When I was putting together Adan and Sophia’s wedding pics I realized that I had all of these pics of Dylan and Aubree from that day!

Astrid being a wild girl!

But Aubree kept leaving him to go watch chess and stuff despite them both being all flirty.  This did not leave me much hope for their relationship.

I’m writing this before the “days before the burnings” play starts.  So, I’m hoping that in those chapters I somehow connected the dots for you that Mia and Owen’s uncle Declan is Judy’s younger brother? Anyway, he had a bit of a fling with Eve who dropped off baby Tristen and told Declan she’s moving away with her brother.

Here!  This is why the pic was important!  Declan and Judy.  And a few other pics while we’re at it…

The blonde boy is their brother Andy.

And the girl at the chess table with the brown hair, Robyn, is the girl he’d later marry.  She’s the mother of Mia and Owen.  Judy wasn’t living with her family at the time of the burnings and both families believed the other had been lost.  Andy and Robyn passed shortly before Declan, Mia, and Owen moved to Ash Shore.  At this time Judy and Declan still don’t know.

Although, he may suspect.  I scoured every chapter for a picture of Declan since he’d moved here and despite having tons of pics with the kids in them, ironically, this is the only picture of him at a club meeting.  Perhaps he’s looking at Judy for more than finding her chess game funny?

Eve and Dane whom we’ve barely even seen either since they moved into Ash Shore have moved on to KitDragonFlight’s Fate’s Spell save.  Good luck to them!  Last I heard, Dane was romancing a witch!  Meanwhile, Declan has a little nooboo to raise!

Rounds 9 & 10 coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Ash Shore: The Lost Years Part 1

  1. That romance is still going STRONG! I love seeing this, and I look forward to seeing how seasons goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No clue which romance you mean, lol! I looked through the chapter and saw tons of couples.

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  2. Also what’s with the rounds 9 & 10 when there are lots of other links on the Time-Jump Post?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those were “days” 9 and 10. At first, I tried not to take a lot of screenshots so I did manage to get the first two into one chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

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