Adan & Sophia’s Wedding

The beginning…

When Sophia took Kyra to school she met the new kids Dylan and Talon who she learned had moved in next door with Dylan’s father Adan so she walked over to introduce herself.

First, they were friends.

And then more.

Things were going great and Sophia was smitten.

They were even seen out and about together a few times which is surprising since they’re both loners.

Adan asked Sophia to be his girlfriend and all were sure a proposal was soon to come.

And then, unbelievably, on the day I’d hoped they would get engaged, I learned that their relationship had been culled by the game!  I suppose I could have just cheated their relationship back up but I was so upset I didn’t bother at the time.

But then, their relationship was rekindled between Adan’s birthday and then Sophia’s.

And the day of her birthday she proposed!

To the delight of their kids.  Adan’s 19-year-old son Dylan and Sophia’s 12-year-old daughter Kyra.

The wedding…

There wasn’t a reception I suppose.  The rest of the pics from this day were of Dylan and Aubree.  I have no idea why Adan was making this face but it cracked me up!

2 thoughts on “Adan & Sophia’s Wedding

  1. BABY TIME YES? Kyra will be a wonderful big sister, by the way she is absolutely gorgeous and so sweet and innocent looking, she will be a wonderful vet and mom one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adan and Sophia are too old for more kids silly! Geeze, his son gets married soon after this!

      Liked by 1 person

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