Ash Shore: Time-Jump!

When we last saw them, before our glimpse into their past, Bea was about to explain to Mack and Elsa what caused the burnings as well as inform them that things would be getting worse.  That was approximately 4 years ago… as years go in Ash Shore.  Here is some of what you missed:

A group of them made a journey to the city to plead their case for more supplies.  Although the greedy city moguls weren’t eager to let go of so much for so little cost they were appreciative of the fore-warning of things to come.


A/N: There is hover text in most of the following pics!



New Relationships…


Secret revealed! Vicente & Lucca were already engaged and I have no idea when it happened!!!


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Little ones growing like weeds…

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Teens being teens…

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Fun with pets…

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The Reaper visited…

We said goodbye to Winston first.  He was 91 years old.

And Cecilia a few days after.  She was 103 years old!

Chapter notes: The extremely condensed version of the events of the time-jump above will be enough for you to have a grasp on what happened between the time when they were given the warning of things to come and now.  If you’d like a more in-depth look I’ve written the following chapters which I will link here as they publish.  If you feel like this is too many chapters like I did at first let me just put it this way: The amount of time I’ve skipped would amount to around 50 chapters normally.  Reading the following is entirely optional and it might be a more realistic jump without them.  They are kind of confusing because in some of the households I’d only take one or two screenshots the entire time I was playing them to try to keep the update small.  This was absolute torture for me!  I’m so looking forward to starting again with the upcoming changes.  Until then, I hope you enjoy your peek into the lost years…

Lost Years Part 1

Lucca & Vicente’s Wedding

Adan & Sophia’s Wedding

Lost Years Part 2

Isaac & Casen’s Wedding

Drake & Kiera’s Wedding

Lost Years Part 3

Lost Years Part 4

Dylan & Aubree’s Wedding

Lost Years Part 5

Continuing in…

Spring Fling Celebration

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore: Time-Jump!

  1. ENZO AND TOBIAS GOT TWO BABIES!!??!?! yes they look so happy! I am JUMPING in my chair right now!!!! I just can’t I am so excited and happy and aaaaahhhhhh yes all the weddings and births and ahhhhhhhh I just can’t!

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    1. I’d tell you deep breaths but you’ve already read past this sooo…

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