Ash Shore Before the Burnings: Part 3

Part 3

They went to a rooftop nightclub in the city but the only pics I have are of the scenery because nobody really showed up.  But hey, landscapes post-seasons are incredible!

Next, they went to the arts center.

Got a peek of pre-elder Cecilia.

I forgot that Lucia was pregnant.

I think that’s Khloe’s mom?

Christian’s mom.

Shari’s mom.

Grady chatting with an eccentric elder.

Everyone so busy!

Back to Brindleton Bay.  Restaurants are nice because families come in together.

You actually don’t know her yet.  Iris Perry, her family is in Ash Shore now.

And it just so happens that her daughter is dating this little guy here!

Naomi’s dad trying to be all slick with the mistletoe.

Sims that are still around like Alvin and Tobias are really fun to see.

Vicente’s dad stands exactly like him!  It’s kinda creepy.  His grandpa does too.

Bryanna looks so much like her dad!

Michelle’s parents.

Drake’s parents.  I decided that since he looks absolutely nothing like his mother and sister that he’d been adopted.

After this, I updated more of my mods and decided to check on Ash Shore.

It’s all gone.  All the produce and herbal remedies.  I almost cried.  I’m just gonna put what’s left in family inventory and bulldoze it.  Start new.

Enzo’s trees were all looking good.

Dean and Judy’s plants were all hibernating.  Same with Isaac’s.

While there I soothed myself with watching the snowfall.

I checked on a few of the households.  I feel like a mamma bird worrying about her chicks.  Like something horrible has happened to them while I’m away!

It’s hard to see since it was dark but while I was checking on Erick, Maxwell, and Astrid I was captivated by the little pond by their house!  Even the water got an upgrade!  And look!  Flowers on the ground… cuz it’s spring!

Back to the past.  This cracked me up!

It was evening so I figured the garden park wouldn’t be flooded with toddlers with nothing to do.

They were there for hours and nothing interesting happened besides this elder vampire sneaking about!

I decided to have them go across the street to the restaurant.  I’ve had good luck with restaurants.

Heatwave caused everyone to dress silly yet again.  For some reason, the game decided that I needed like 12 new elder households for this neighborhood and they were the only ones showing up to the restaurant so I had to use a lot trait to draw other sims.

Trey and Kelsi’s parents.

Oh, look!  It’s Judy’s little brother Declan.

Awe so sweet.  Since she’s an adult she doesn’t live with her family.

Mack and his mom.

This is the dad of the new family, Jacob… lookin’ snazzy in his heatwave wear.


Okay so, I found an incredible mod that allows you to not only invite more than the minimum number of sims to an event but to also have the event last up to 24 sim hours!  I had to test this out… once I’d found the mod that was causing a million errors first.  I was so excited to see if it worked I forgot she’s a vampire!

I built a little sun shelter for the impromptu party.  I didn’t really look to see who he was inviting I just clicked like 30 names that weren’t pets.  LOL!

Casen’s mom…

And Aubree’s of course.

Looks like Erick and Everett were friends back in the day.

There’s Reece again.  I haven’t seen him since the first day I don’t think.

I think the heatwave was making Aubree especially thirsty!

So cute!

Also cute, everyone chillin’ here in the pool.

The sky just took my breath away!  Literally.  Jaw-dropping beauty!

Winston invited Remmy out to eat.  I figured why not right?  I spotted Isaac in his goofy shades walking by.

Summer and Lucca’s parents.

And this is where I hit my breaking point.  It should be a cute pic but instead, it made me cry.  Kierstin and Vicente are happy now but this broke my heart.

This whole thing was supposed to be fun.  Give Ash Shore a past and do the whole origin story thing with Bea’s grandpa.  Show how beautiful and rich the land was before.  As well as give me an unmodded save I can test things out in without risking Ash Shore.  I never expected the modders to be so quick about getting things up and running!  After this, I started working on the first of the houses.  I’ve gotta upgrade all of the houses and rebuild the central meeting area and supply depot.  As well as give all of them complete makeovers for every outfit category.

I need to finish screenshotting the final chapter in the origin story.  It should publish the day following this.  After that, I have some time-jump chapters already written so by the time those are all published I should be done with all the building and makeovers.  Hope you enjoyed this little peek into the past.

The end.

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore Before the Burnings: Part 3

  1. I’ve loved the look into the past . So creative !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thanks! It was actually a lot of work to set up so I’m a bit disappointed it didn’t go as I’d hoped. But, I’ll have the save if I want to go back sometime and screenshot more.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The past is so freaking beautiful! It was awesome to see how strange and fun everything was! You did amazing with it Stormy!


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