Ash Shore Before the Burnings: Part 2

Part 2

One of my goals while playing in this save is to discover if unplayed families will autonomously utilize the new items.  If not, some of them wouldn’t be as fun at the central meeting area but at their homes instead.  I was happy to see autonomous sprinkler use!

Since everyone changed into warm weather wear it’s more difficult for me to know who they are.  Obviously, since that’s Demetrius he’s talking to his daughter Aubree.  The older kids are easier.  That’s Summer.  I think the other girl is one of the Burton twins.

I noticed something new.  After taking Aubree to the potty Demetrius began teaching her to talk.

Then Trey’s dad Dustin asked him something and proceeded to teach him as well!

Bea and Remmy returned from the ceremony.  I’m not a fan of rabbitholes but it was cool that the game didn’t instantly take me back to their house!

Bea, like all vampires, has no sense of self-preservation.  I have to keep her constantly busy or she’s running outside to comfort children and such!

More Layla belly.

Aimee looks so good with that hair!

I did the least amount of changing their warm weather wear using the MC Dresser randomize part tool.  It’s very frustrating.

So many redheads!  Naming everyone is kind of monotonous.  I think maybe I haven’t told you the one on the far right is Michelle’s mom.

I discovered that dragging the dirty clothing out of Bea and Remmy’s inventories into the hampers made her wash them!  I was about to take a pic of this when Lola attacked her!

I decided to move on.  It was a heat wave in Windenburg and the air shimmered.  Of course, this wouldn’t show in a photo but the view was also very beautiful.  This pack affected much more than the weather.

Inside I found Alvin and his wife Katy.

And Judy with her mom.

And Dylan as the hostess!  That ensemble looks very elegant on her!  Perhaps in her next makeover she should get a long dress?

Christian and his mother sat on opposite ends of this table!

I was captivated by the sunset.  The lighting reminds me of Italy.

Jorden’s mom who we know from present-day is the chef!

Everett’s parents.  Perhaps it’s not important to know their names?

Talon’s parents.

There’s Everett!

On the right is Judy’s brother Andy.  On the left is their father.  Of all the families this is one to pay special attention to for the upcoming Ash Shore present-day chapters!

I kept getting distracted by the beauty of everything.  I really did expect summer to be kinda hum-drum.

Zion and his mom talking to Bryanna.  You’ll notice that a lot of the past sims are a bit plumper.  It was a rich time compared to present day.  Plus, my sims present day all seem to starve when I’m not playing them.

It looks like they’re fighting but Kenneth just gave his wife one of those mistletoe kisses.  Which I find weird out of the context of winter.

Summer and Lucca’s dad.

Enzo and Sierra’s dad!  That stance and facial expression is ALL Enzo!

Stephon and Tricia’s mom with Grady.

Moving on to Willow Creek this is a historical area.

So pretty!!!

I’ve been enjoying watching the sunrise and sunset in the different worlds.

Everything looks so different with this pack!

Meredith with Brice and Rhys’s dad painting in the museum.

Yes, let’s appreciate the llama painting and not the works of art!

I was watching the skating rink to see if anyone autonomously used it.  They did not.  I spied Isaac looking all slick!  Sophia’s warm weather top is one I’ve given her before in present-day which was kinda weird.

Kelsi saying hi to Winston’s pup Gorbash which I think is Cupcake’s dad.

Butter’s dad!

Judy’s dad.


One of Maxwell’s dads with their cat.

Layla’s mom.  Club Cosplay is driving me crazy!  They don’t leave the park until my sims do!  They end up sleeping on benches and stuff.  I ended up putting Remmy in the club so he can end the meetings.

The past is… strange.

One of the Burton twins asked Remmy to take her to the kiddie pool!  Sadly she poofed soon after.  That mod may need updating but since it wasn’t throwing errors I decided to use it.  I left Bea at home since there was no shelter here.


Ugh.  The closest I’ve gotten to a Dylan/Aubree pic.

Awe so sad!  She’ll burn buddy.

Kierstin is a foxy lady!

Elsa’s mom looks so like her!  That’s Aimee’s dog.  Aimee is one of the only sims I didn’t make a family for.

Ragtime’s mom!

I whooped in glee!  Tanya’s dad used the kiddie pool!!!

And then, Elsa’s mom challenged Remmy to water balloons!


Swings guys swings!!!  And, as you can see, Kaylyn at the smallest size I believe is not sinking into the seat.

In the first pic, it looked like Brice was clipping into the swing but as he changed positions he wasn’t.


Sir, do you know that the boy behind you will marry your daughter one day?

Vicente’s daddy.  I will admit that playing in this save and seeing some of the parents has been very painful.

I actually took a short video of this it was so cute.

The blonde is Erick’s mom.  I don’t think we’ve seen her.

Lucca!  Where’s Vicente when you need him?  I actually have only seen him once and that was before Seasons.  The boy in the black shirt is Jorden.

It gave me such joy watching them play with the new items!

Maxwell getting a hug from his other dad.  I put them in a very small house.  I figured that the procedure for them to have a biological child would have been extremely costly.

Ah!  Another sim to pay attention to for the future.  The girl playing chess with Zion is Mia and Owen’s mom!  I’m terrible at foreshadowing apparently.

Scaring birds and looking sooo much like our Ragtime!

Little bro watching big sis have fun.  She kept going back to that sprinkler!

He is just so cute!

Another puddle that’s adorable for them to drink from.  The orange cat is Judy’s cat Sherbert.


Sunfall.  So pretty!

More attacking!

Uncle Freddie, Khloe, and Libby.

The dogs love these things!

I wonder if she was begging?

I had to keep hiring a vendor for the food stall.  Khaled’s mom was definitely begging!

It looks like water balloons are two people only?  Either that or Bea just decided to stop playing when Andy joined.

I was all excited!  This was my chance to finally get a pic of Maxwell and Erick!

Sadly, this was the best I could get.  Another goal with this whole setup was to get pics of the couples together but maybe most of them didn’t really have any friendships back in the past.  I’ve only really seen Christian and Michelle consistently together.  I also did that whole “first sight” thing in the future so there’s that.  And, like I said, seeing the family that have passed on is painful so I don’t know if I’ll spend as much time here as originally planned.

Part 3

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore Before the Burnings: Part 2

  1. Such great landscape pics! Love the way the lighting has changed !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s amazing! I took a few in current day Ash Shore last night that I’m excited to share tomorrow with the next chapter.


  2. Beautiful landscape! The more I play with Fate’s Spell the more I am appreciating the little changes that summer has brought to the worlds. I am excited to see what the other seasons will bring! It is fantastic seeing all the sims try new things and objects, it’s also cool to see them at different venues!

    Liked by 1 person

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