Ash Shore Before the Burnings: Part 1

In the days before…

The past was a strange strange place!

Summer, Reece, Tanya’s dad Craig, Demetrius, and Abbey’s husband Otis.

Lucia making Elsa angry.

Mack!  Are you being a juvenile delinquent?  More likely it’s something political.

Did I mention that the past was strange?  There’s just too many of them to name here!

The toddlers are coming the toddlers are coming!!!  Aubree and Kiera.

Enzo and Brock behind him.

Talon, Aubree, Skylar.

They’re everywhere!  The mohawk is Christian if you couldn’t figure it out.

Uncle Adan making Talon and Dylan leave!

Aimee’s dog Roxie!


Isaac with him… Brock and Brice in the boat.

Casen and Aubree!  Bro and little sis!


Abbey and Efrain.

Now we can see where Isaac and Layla get their athleticism from!  Their mom Whitney.  She’s in her first trimester with Layla.

Khaled’s dad Teppi, Sophia’s dog Opie, and one of Maxwell’s dads Sean.  It didn’t occur to me until I was pretty much done to have some biological same-sex parents in the past.

Mack’s dad Damon and his dog Brandy.

The original Cat Fight Club!  Enzo’s cat Rye defeated Maxwell’s cat Tiger!

Elsa learning some moves from her mom Eden.

Brice and Rhys’s mom Laura who is also pregnant and has no belly!

Smeagie’s momma Lola!!!

Watch out for that feral cat Michelle!

Kierstin plays sea monster.  I’m not sure who the black haired boy is.  The blonde is Stephon and you know Vicente already.

Poor Dylan, they’re always making him leave.  This is his grandma Yvette.

Most of the ones we don’t really see much in regular Ash Shore chapters are here too.  This is Trey.

Meredith and hubby Al.

Our budding artist Michelle.

Judy’s dad Levi seems to be an artist as well!

Seasons hype!  THIS is where I started after seasons.  Trying to figure out how I can fit the calendar system into Ash Shore’s birthdays and whatnot… if possible.  I popped over to Mack’s to see if the holiday that Bea had added to her calendar was there.

It was!

Mack scheduled an event with Christian invited so I stopped over to his house to see if the event was in his calendar.  It wasn’t.  I’ll check again on the day of the event.  Christian, in turn, added a gathering to the Object Appreciation Day.  I was hoping I could make a gathering place like I do with the park.

I tried a nightclub first but everyone was wearing goofy stuff so went to the laundromat park I’d built.  Sophia is playing chess with the Mesner’s dad Clint and the man standing is her husband and Kyra’s father Dwayne.

Khaled’s mommy Tayo!

Naomi’s mom Kailey saying hello to Mack’s dog.

Elsa’s dad Antoine.

There’s a little Sierra in that belly!  Which means this is none other than Enzo and Sierra’s mom Sharon.

Dean chatting with Libby.

There are some randoms in the save of course.  One is this blonde lady.  Aimee, you should recognize.  That’s Erick behind her.

These pics are so dark sorry!

Judy was trying to say hello to Lola.

Zion came stomping in!

Mack’s dad Damon, Meredith, Zion, and Judy’s brother Andy.

Butter’s dad Cheese!!!

The ladies playing chess are Everett’s mom Kinley and Judy’s mom Tamara.  The lady to the left thinking is Zion’s mom Clare.

Ragtime’s mom Crystal!

Vicente’s grandpa Al.

The redhead is Maxwell’s other dad Peter.


That’s Enzo and Sierra’s uncle Freddie standing there.  About now is when everyone started changing into hot weather clothing.


Enzo!  I finally remembered the swings and sprinkler but I was so tired and really wanted to write this up.

Plus, I was disappointed the ceremony is a rabbithole thing.


A few fun tidbits.  It always pops up when someone learns that the other is unemployed but since they were all in school thanks to me setting up this save without mods it popped up.  I can’t actually remember why Tanya and Stephon were together on this.

I was like what???  Luckily, that mod seems to work so they quit.

And finally, I have learned that the teens can indeed autonomously promise themselves to each other!  I was messing around with my regular mod folder in before I patched when this happened!  After this, I changed his name to just Remmy.  I just thought it was funny for him to have the unpronounceable name.  I didn’t expect to actually take screenies with something that had it on it!

This is actually the first time I’ve played with the small pets since I was playing Ash Shore when I got the pack.

So cute!!!  I don’t want to guess what her grandfather did to make this poor creature mutate this way.  Or perhaps he’s from another dimension???

Part 2

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  1. Oh my god all the kiddos and toddlers! So many! Everyone is so young and different looking for the most part!

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