Afore Ash Shore: The Beginning of the End Part 3

Part 3

“You told me he was harmless! Why wouldn’t you listen to me? All of this time. You left me with him. For what?”

“I hate you, grandfather.”

“Let us go, Bea.”
“Good girl.”

“Will they be alright, Remmy?”

“They’ll survive. Most of them.”
“Not all.”
“No, not all.”

“My fault, Rem.”
“No, it’s not. Let us go now.”

“They just left me with him, Rem.”
“I know, sweet Bea. I know.”


“Where I come from you could walk in the daylight.  It was glorious!”

“Truly grandfather?”

“Yes, Beatrice.  There was a fog that covered the land.”

“What is a fog?”

“Like clouds on the ground.”

“That sounds so neat!  I could dance in clouds!”

“None of that.  Come, help me with this.”

“Will this make clouds on the ground?”

“We will see won’t we?”



“This time, Beatrice.  This time it will work.”

“That’s what you always say, grandfather.”

“Do not get mouthy with me.”

“Yes, grandfather, sorry grandfather.”

“That’s better.  Now, help me with this.”

Part 4

2 thoughts on “Afore Ash Shore: The Beginning of the End Part 3

  1. Again, he is such an *******! Why does she have to help him?! Gah.

    Liked by 1 person

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