Afore Ash Shore: The Beginning of the End Part 2

Part 2

“He’s out of control! What he’s messing with… it’s not good!”

“Your grandfather is harmless. His little experiments keep him busy and hurt no one.”

“Yes, they do! You don’t understand!”

“Beatrice, stop being so dramatic.”

“Don’t call me that!”

“It is your name.”


“Sorry. But, you don’t understand. You’re not listening to me. The things that he’s done already. The things that he’s trying to do!”

“What has he done, then?”

“He opened a portal into another world!”

“My, you have quite the imagination, Beatrice.”

“Don’t call… nevermind. He did. I swear.”

“Then where did this “portal” lead to?”

“A place called Sixam! And, they have all of these cool plants and the people there are different colors! I made a friend there. His name is Remmy. Well, I call him Remmy. I can’t actually pronounce his real name.”

“Really, Beatrice? Such an imagination. You should be an author. Put that mind to good use.”

“Why won’t you believe me?”

“Because you’re being ridiculous. Don’t you have studies to tend to before assisting your grandfather?”

“Yes, but, he’s crazy! He’s going to destroy us all!”

“She’ll be a brilliant author one day.  Or perhaps she could study painting to create this imaginary world.”

“Fine, you’ll see.”

“All we’ll see is that you’re a silly little girl with a wild imagination that doesn’t want to assist her grandfather in his harmless experiments.  Now, go do your studies.”


“Is this the place?”

“No, it is not.  What a despicable land!”

“I think it’s beautiful.”

“Let us be gone from this place.  Perhaps another calibration will succeed.”

“Yes, grandfather.”


“This place is great.  I wish I never had to leave!”

“You cannot keep coming here, Bea.”

“Why not, Remmy?

“It is not allowed.  But, I’ll go with you for some time.”

“You can’t!  Someone will see you!”

“I can if I am like this.”

“Wow.  You’re very handsome, Rem.”

“If you say so, Bea.  Let’s go.”

Part 3

2 thoughts on “Afore Ash Shore: The Beginning of the End Part 2

  1. Her parents…Man I’d be PISSSSSSSED! Aw Rem, just going with her like that!

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