Afore Ash Shore: The Beginning of the End Part 1

Part 1

Present day…

“Who is it today, Bea?”

“Adan, Dylan, Darren, and Keane!” she replied excitedly.

“Are we staying through the whole thing again?” he asked.

“It’s my favorite part!”

“Your favorite part of watching them?  When are you going to talk to them?  You know you have to.”

“I know but, look at them all! They’re living in squalor and it’s my fault!”

“It’s not your fault, Bea. There was nothing more you could do.”

“There had to have been something I could have done! Look how miserable they all are!”

“They don’t look miserable to me. They all look perfectly happy, Bea. These Sims, they’re a resilient sort. They bounce back quick from troubles and make the best of what they have.”

“But they had so much more! How can you say that?”

“My people have been observing them for a very long time. More time than you can imagine.”

“I still think they’re miserable.”

“Think what you will. It changes nothing.”

“I should have done something!”

“Do you want me to agree with you, Bea? This argument solves nothing!”

“What are you wearing?”

“What’s wrong with it?  It matches!  You’re just trying to distract me!”

“Fine! But, what am I supposed to say to them?  They’ll never believe me, Rem!”

“If they don’t believe you, it is their own folly. At least telling them you can walk away with a clear conscience and not spend the next Turning whining incessantly about how you could have changed things!”

“I’ll never walk away from them.  Especially now.  It’s going to get worse Remmy.”

“I know, hun.”

“It’s my fault.”

“It really isn’t, Beatrice.”

“Bea, please, you know I hate that name.”

“I know, but you’re not listening to me.”

“It’s what he called me.”

“I know sweet Bea, I’m sorry.”

“They hate us you know.”

“No, they don’t, you know they don’t. That’s your grandfather talking.”

Afore onward rhythm several years prior to the burnings…

“Look at me, grandfather!”


“Look at them, Beatrice! They all hate us.”

“They think they’re better than us.”


“Don’t okay me!  If you talk like them you’ll become one of them. You don’t want that now do you?”

“Some of them are nice. That Mack boy talked to me.”

“We do not associate with their kind, Beatrice!”

“No, grandfather.”

“And we never show ourselves to them!  You should know that by now.”

“Sorry, grandfather.”

“Good. Now, let’s go back to the lab. This time it is going to work. I just know it!”


“What did I say?”


Part 2

5 thoughts on “Afore Ash Shore: The Beginning of the End Part 1

    1. Thanks! I’ve worked really hard on this. It’s going to be five parts. Four before Seasons and the fifth after I can go back into Ash Shore when my mods are all working again.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. SQUEEEEEEEE REM!!!!!!!!!!! I love how Bea and he talk. I love…I LOVE THIS!!!!! Also her grandfather is a ***!

    Liked by 1 person

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