Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Beau-Vine Babysitter

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Little Siggy sleeping out by Beau-Vine was so sweet!

He woke a little later and slept in his bed.  I noticed that he always sleeps in the small bed!

Naomi’s 1st-trimester belly is practically non-existent.

Off to school for Rylee.  Where’s our creative teacher?

Oh.  Out playing basketball.  Look at how Rainbow is sitting back there!

Rylee was chatting with Trey.  Turns out they are friends.  I realized later that he’s a young adult now.

Trey: Vampires will invade and suck the lives out of us all!

Rylee: They would be arrested!  (By whom I have no clue)

Rainbow is absolutely smitten with typewriter.

Awe so sweet!

She’s also friends with Drake.

Astrid is so cute!

Someone is working on his card skills.

I swear Siggy is always dirty!

Again, there was something “dirty” nearby and I couldn’t find it.  I later found a hairball under the table.  I’m not sure if that was it or not but noticed soon after that their moodlets were gone.  Meanwhile, Siggy brought a present.  At least he didn’t get dirty!

Soon Sassy you will learn not to eat people food!

Oh sure, why not?  She didn’t seem to chase them though really.

So disgusting.

Devin is so adorable!  As is Toodles.  Who I’ve noticed when she’s around that she barks… a lot.


Well, while Siggy gets another bath Jitterbug gets a jog.  They need more light out here too!

Maybe he just likes baths?

I know I say this a lot but I just love watching them jog in this area!

Sorry Naomi.

Someone wants a walk too!

Chomp chomp!  Beau-Vine babysitter!

I have a mod that adds a “quick walk” option.  I don’t normally use it but it was getting really late.

Discuss interests and Rylee says… pest control?  Okay then.  You do you, Rylee.

Dad’s home with a very happy Jitterbug.

Who decided in that moment that she is in heat.

Naomi had an anti-heat pill…

That was unexpected… it didn’t take.  I thought if it did I should know because I don’t think there is a way to extend pet pregnancy.  Although, Deaderpool did add new pet stuff to the updated MCCC.  I’ve just been too lazy to download it.

Snoozer Smile

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  1. Rainbow is making sure Astrid is okay! So excited to see their baby!

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