Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Secrets Kept

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

I suppose it’s a good thing that Lucca seems to like cats.  He’ll have Smeagie to deal with soon enough!

Oh, Sassy why?

I don’t think I’ve seen this whim before.

Eh tu Sassy?

Keep dreaming.

Casen had a whim for his sister Aubree so they brought her along with them to the park.

Sassy made herself at home.

Vicente’s here.

Casen’s brother Callum was there too.

I love it when they hold them and talk to them!

Umm… Dean?  I swear Dean is so clueless unless it’s something to do with Judy.  Why’d you get up Lucca?

Sassy was waiting her turn to raid the bush and Devin went over to meet her.  So cute!

He called Lucca.  LOL!

This is the moment when I started wondering… why is he still here???  As you can see, almost everyone left like they do sometimes but he stayed.  It’s like he was flaunting it.  “Look at me, I have all kinds of big secrets that you don’t know about.”

Well, I suppose if he’s not leaving Lucca might as well eat.

I have no idea.  I paused and looked around.  There wasn’t anything for them to be reacting to that I could see.  There was no one in the tent.  No clue.  The crazy thing is that I’ve noticed sims doing this again with the same result.  They’re creeping me out!

Oh, and, Issac’s here.

Yes, I’ve been tracking.

Sassy, why are you fighting Rainbow again?  She hasn’t won any fights!  It’s not going to get you any notoriety.

Why do you all keep sitting so far apart?!

Anyway, Isaac left and Casen had the ever-present laser pointer whim but she was sick!

Off to Sophia’s.  I think Kyra was at the park.

A little comforting for the girl first.

She needed a relaxation shot!  Poor Sassy!

Aha!  We now know where the gold bar came from!

That biscuit looks disgusting.  Upon further inspection, you can see there are pills inside it!  I suppose that’s why it’s called something like placebo treat.

The way they both looked at her was so cute!

I think someone feels guilty!

Another anti-heat pill.

Casen returned to the park and showed off the now well Sassy to Layla.

She’ll, hopefully, be his sister-in-law one day ya know!

Looks like Lucca wasn’t up to anything very exciting while they were gone.

Bar? What bar? This is clearly a clever ruse to get him alone!

Oof I keep forgetting to change out that mod!  The lack-of-belly is driving me nuts!  I mean, I consider the very long period where they don’t know they are pregnant to be the no belly part.  I suppose other simmers don’t have that luxury with the whole pregnancy test thing that instantly throws them into the 1st very visible stage.

There was no option to scold her!  Maybe because he’d done it that morning?

I really need to give Enzo that storyteller trait.  He really loves telling stories!

I had a thought… Jitterbug + Fish puppies.  They look so similar though… we’ll see.

Umm… Layla?  Personal space?

Khaled is by far the most popular pup in the community.

They were there so long they had to eat twice.  Sassy brought another present.  It was a fairly eventful day.

Time to move on.  For once, I’ve kept something back from this chapter.  Just something I discovered that confused me.  I’ll fill y’all in at some point when I figure it out.

Beau-Vine Babysitter

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Secrets Kept

  1. Why 25 rolls? Because they aren’t together yet? They need to hurry it up darn it! Yay for Sassy getting better ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Their ages. The rolls vary depending on age and whether they have kids already. So, someone who is 31-34 with no kids rolls once every 5 like Christian and Michelle did.

      Liked by 1 person

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