Note: Maintenance, New Welcome, Seasons Prep

It was brought to my attention yesterday that a chapter was missing pictures.  Upon further inspection, I discovered that ALL chapters before I started writing them on this blog were missing screenshots!  About a week ago, I started the process of preparing to move the bulk of my stories off of the Stormy Gamez site to get the amount of space used back in the “free” zone.  When doing this, I deleted the screenshots that were on that site from Ash Shore.  Because they were all on this site!  But, apparently, the links to the pics were to those ones and not the ones here which makes no sense but there you have it.  I’ve started fixing the newer ones first as those were the ones that my friend was reading.

It shouldn’t take long as I am using the date of the featured image to find the screenshots as well as the very helpful captions.  Which has brought me to a startling conclusion.  Many of my newer chapters have a lot of uncaptioned screenshots.  If this were to happen again it wouldn’t be nearly as simple to remedy.  I really cannot come up with a solution for this problem other than captioning pics with information everyone would already know at this point.  Or, perhaps, I am mistaken.  I’d like your input if you don’t mind.  Do you feel that you need reminders of who is who still?  I personally don’t of course.  But, then again, I can still remember most of the family trees of my first rotation neighborhood from shortly after Sims 4 released because they were my sims and at one point I had more sims there than I have here.  I have no idea how to do this without feeling repetitive.

Also of note, I changed the starting post on the main (non-WP reader) home page.  It now has definitions to most commonly used terms as well as a more in-depth explanation of Turnings and such.  I’d originally written it to be published and then later changed to the “start here” spot but decided to just replace the current one with what I’d written.  If you want to take a gander at it here’s the link: Welcome to Ash Shore.  If you notice any terms or explanations I may have missed I’d appreciate it if you let me know!

You may have noticed that the chapter frequency has dropped in the last week or so.  As much as it pains me to do so I have no choice but be locked out of Ash Shore after the Seasons patch is released.  Until the mods that it depends on are all repaired I have another side project in an un-modded save.  So, I’ve pre-written all of the Ash Shore chapters up to when Seasons releases and am currently working on getting the side project set up.  I also plan to do quite a bit of maintenance on this blog… including fixing all of those beginning chapters!  If there’s anything you feel is missing please let me know.

Seasons will change many things in Ash Shore and I will not lie.  I am very nervous about the whole process.  Even once I can safely return to that save it will likely be some time before I can begin publishing again as I’ll need to add more shelters and do another series of makeovers on the entire 85+ populace.  I do have some plans but won’t really be able to get into details until I see the extent that Seasons will change things.  The whole calendar system terrifies me considering that I have my own timeline/calendar and have no idea if I can intermix them both or if I will need to overhaul my whole current system… or not use the new calendar at all which would be a shame.  So many unknowns!

Finally, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me over to this blog.  Truthfully, when I moved I didn’t expect that anyone would.  Especially with the fact that I was posting so many chapters a day and some at great length!  I believe I have 12 or so subscribers which completely baffles me and yet makes me so grateful that I have someone to share what has become more important to me than anything I’ve ever done in this game previously.

Thank you!

Lacie aka Stormy

2 thoughts on “Note: Maintenance, New Welcome, Seasons Prep

  1. I don’t need reminders of who’s who! I’m thinking you’ll find lots of options with Seasons to be able to make it work for you . Hope so!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so too. At least I’ll have some time away from Ash Shore to get a peek into the pack and how things work to plan for the return!


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