Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Gone to the… Cats?

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Sierra’s reading the cooking book again.  No idea what she’ll be doing once she grows up so for now, learning to cook can’t hurt!

Astrid was so funny running around amongst the big kids.

And throwing fits for no reason.

The draw to the puppet show is too strong.  Even studying her book she was pulled over there.  Most of them do nothing else.

Maxwell was sick last time I saw him at the park and now it looks like Erick is as well… again.

So, I saw Scarlett being all sad, probably Skylar was being mean to her, and when Sierra sat down and I saw they were friends I thought wouldn’t it be cool if she could do the “hook up with” thing?

Wait, what?  Sierra suggested it and these immediately popped up.  Scarlett never moved and Kelsi never even looked her way!  What the?

I actually have no clue why I took this screenshot.

They cracked me up!

Little one sticking close to daddy now.

And then playing with Rainbow in the bathroom.  At least someone goes in there.  Unlike the newer clubs, this one does have the rewards to decrease need decay.

Off to the park.  Look at that Sassy smile!

They are just so cute!

Ragtime was thinking about Chatterbox…

And I thought it would be a Cat Fight Club match but no.  Enzo distracted him.

Might as well fulfill the ever-present play laser-pointer whim.


I know the term is “gone to the dogs” but… cats.


Again?  Sierra gets way more mood swings than any of the other teens!

Ohmygosh she’s sick too?!?

Dylan always cracks me up!  He’s such an enthusiastic dancer!

Looks like cousin Talon wasn’t being very nice.

Devin went straight to his stinky cat and just stared at him!

Booger defeats Sassy!

A little sister/brother cuteness.

What this?


I was trying to get her to finish that darned tea before they left!  It was taking forever.

Everyone loves our Khaled!  Ugh, Everett.


Tea finished.  Now she’s feeling better but hungry.

Finally, she just brought the darned burger home!

Nothing to see here grandma!

Their place is such a pigstye thanks to Sierra and her “helping” with the laundry last time!  I think the stuff on the line finally dried but I wasn’t about to make any of them wash more when they were tired.  Washing takes forever!

Life Without Isaac

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Gone to the… Cats?

  1. Astrid is so adorable ! I love how tiny she is !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! It makes her unique. I’ll probably continue it through at least part of her childhood as well.


  2. Astrid is so cute!!! Just a little bitty bug! I hope they get the next roll! Sierra is a messy girl lol. Nooooo Sassy got beat! Darn you Booger! SO MANY CATS!

    Liked by 1 person

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