Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Serious Business/Do-Gooders Meetings

Rhythm 1/Turnind 2/Season 2

Yea, okay, Mack.  Whatever makes you happy buddy.  You admire those stones and wood that you’ve had for years!

What is my sims sudden obsession with vampires?

I don’t think Mack is pleased with Talon’s interpretation of “Serious Business” aka the snobby group.

Are we worshipping the fire gods today?

Mack looks at Elsa like “you too?”

Yes, fire.  Thrilling.  You know, you have other club tasks.

There.  Be friendly with each other.  Which somehow translated into share photos on my phone… repeatedly.

Awkward brother/sister hug.

Oh look, the shaking hands part of the meeting has begun.

Despite the removal of the hang out by fire task, Talon continues to play with it.  An aspiring pyro?

I’m not supposed to be doing a count but… one.

Mack and Elsa looking at each other side-eyed.  Likely whispering out of the corners of their mouths to each other: “This meeting sucks eh?” “Yep, pretty much.”

Moving on!

The Do-Gooders meeting is led by Maxwell who seems a bit distracted.

You too?  Fine.  One.

It was about lunchtime.  Somebody might be hungry?  Nobody ate.  None of these clubs have any needs bonuses so I don’t understand why none of them seem to need anything!  Maybe I should just draw them to the park like I do with the birthday parties now instead of using clubs.

The do-gooders really don’t have any pressing projects at the moment.  Supplies are limited so I’m not sure what kind of “good” they could do.  So, they just hung out and played games for the most part.

I feel like I’m missing sims from all of these clubs.  Also, when I made them I felt like 20-something members was huge so only picked the sims with the highest “goodness” levels on the scales.  I think I’ll increase the membership like I did with Laugh-A-Minute.

Eventually, they will have something more exciting to do… at the moment I really don’t know and don’t have time to figure it out since I’m scrambling to prepare for Seasons.

Instead, we’ll just watch them all interacting.  Which, really, is the best part of Ash Shore… at least for me!

Just as the 18-and-up group dispersed Rhys started walking by!  What a crazy coincidence.  Time to start up the Do-Gooders-In-Training group!

Last round this was the most fun meeting.  I had high hopes.

Tricia looks so different with her mid-teen makeover.

That’s one nice thing about these meetings, you get to see some of the unplayed sims that aren’t really in the chapters.

Darren is so big now!  Remember when he was a little toddler?

Slow your roll girl!  You’re only 12!

Dylan was cracking me up!

I think if I hadn’t turned off emotional deaths they would happen a lot in club meetings!

And with that… meeting day is over.  It was a fairly uneventful day other than a few Layla/Rhys pics.  Waiting for them to get old enough to initiate flirts is going to be so hard!

Welcome Tatum!

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Serious Business/Do-Gooders Meetings

  1. I’m glad you turned off emotional deaths !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I swear I’d be having a lot of them with those playful moodlets!


  2. So many sims, but everyone has a good time! Layla is really wanting to be older than 12 lol

    Liked by 1 person

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