Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Round 6 Birthdays Part 2

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Yes, I’m starting this chapter with a rant.  I do think it’s great that we don’t have constant route-fails in Sims 4.  But, the fact that sims constantly move through things drives me crazy!  And, why the heck do they keep moving around when someone’s about to blow out the candles.  This is the only good pic I got of uncle Adan cheering Talon on.  I need to figure something different out because it’s ruining most of the birthday screenshots.

I think this is the only one that I actually managed to get a good pic of the family with the birthday sim too.

Stop!!!!!  Ohmygosh Isaac don’t die on me!!!

This was me looking around to see if there was anything interesting happening while waiting for Aubree’s family to go up by the cake.

Hooray, there they are.

Sorry, I just couldn’t delete the pic with that hug it was sooo funny!  Rip her heart out!

Yay, you look… exactly the same except more womanly.  Next!

Rhys’s turn.

Brice!  Where the heck are you going?  Your brother is aging up!  He walked over there and threw some confetti.  Next!

Daisy is up.  They must have invited too many people because her brother Jorden wasn’t there.

And her sister Hannah was sick.  Go home, Hannah.

They all must have done something stupid like 10 of them phasing into the table to watch her blow out the candles from the other side because I have no other pic of Daisy.  Next!

Layla!  Her face says it all.  If y’all ruin these pics I’ll lock you in a room I swear.  Also, Judy wasn’t there.  I didn’t realize until this point.  *sad face*

You too???

Devin’s turn.

You’re kidding me right now right???  Please, someone, tell me an easier way to do this!  I didn’t have this problem with the big birthday parties at the Robinsons!  I mean, they would walk away or not pay attention but this is them changing from watching on one side of the table to the other and walking in front of the birthday sim… merging into the table.

Suddenly, everyone starts running to the lighthouse.  What the?  I think they were still wanting to celebrate with Devin, who I’d teleported away for the heights, adding traits, and makeovers.  LOL!!!

No pics of the older two.  I actually had to go to manage worlds and unmerge them then invite them back so I could edit all four of the younger kids in CAS since I’d added Everett to the household without thinking.

I just realized I took a lot of sister/brother Layla/Isaac pics!  Sorry, Dean!

Ah, see, another brother/sister team.

Boogie down, big bro!

Yes, five pics.  Can you really blame me?  They’re adorable!!!

Gettin’ so big!


These two!  You do realize that if they could have babies on their own they’d have a houseful, don’t you?

Someone looks smug.  I also remember that before Devin blew out his candles that he was sick.  Drew will likely be sick soon as well.

Back to the party!

I am so happy that these two are brothers!  Think about it, Vicente lost his dad and Tobias lost his mom and now they are this big red-headed family that will likely get bigger as time goes on.  Makes me so happy!

All of the kids had been sent home and then I realized that Kyra was over here playing doctor by herself.  Such a sweetie!  She’ll be a great vet someday!

Yes, another family together pic.  If you look back through them you’ll see it a lot.

Casen and Isaac were doing the whole gravitational pull thing most of the day.

My girls are growing up!

What the?  Adan, have you been carrying that bowl of cereal around in your pocket?

Isaac didn’t eat by Casen but he did sit with Casen’s sister so maybe he’s trying to earn brownie points with the future in-laws?  I mean, eventually, they will get engaged you know.  I hope so!

Rhys is flailing about back there and his very serious brother Brice is just slowly swaying to the music.  Cracked me up!

I think he’s given up on attempting to dance.  Layla went for a nap in the tent.  Drew and Everett went home with the kids already.

A little father/son dance off?

I love summer.  Luckily, even though I’m not playing her, I’ll get to see a lot of her since I play her brother and her husband’s brother!

With that adorable pose from Tobias, it’s time to call it a night!  Despite the birthday cake mishaps, it was a great day!

Serious Business/Do-Gooders Meetings

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Round 6 Birthdays Part 2

  1. Talon does not look too excited about his birthday. 😛

    I love Layla’s look! I’m not usually a fan of that hair but it suits her so well.

    Regarding your clipping issues, maybe it’s the table itself that’s the problem? Or is it happening with multiple types?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe Talon’s upset because he really has nothing going on now that he’s a YA? LOL!

      Layla turned out adorable. I was actually a bit sad to age her up but she looks great!

      Those are the only tables I’ve used in Ash Shore actually. I’ll try a different one next time and see, thanks! When I was doing the big parties in my Robinsons save I used those small round tables with the tablecloth on them.


  2. They all look fantastic, and I loved the party!

    Liked by 1 person

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