Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: A Day with… Smeagie!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Yes, I know that I just played Isaac’s family.  But, in my defense, I barely played him at all that day besides fulfilling a few whims like playing cards and bro-hugging.  Plus, I didn’t really want to play Vicente’s whole family again and playing a single sim is dreadfully boring.  So, they’re camping out together for now.

While the guys slept, I got to watch Smeagie!

Ohhh lemons!  Drew needs lemons for his medicine!

Oh, Smeagie.  What are we to do with you?  He’s quite a character!  Also, Hannah left her journal way over in the little area across from the wedding lot.

Invisible vamp strikes again!

They were both hungry but there was nothing they could do since they were trapped there.


It was sort of one of those what on earth do I do with you now type of things.  At least Lucca and Casen have something they can do!

Haha funny… remember that vampire that trapped us on our lot.  Vampires don’t exist!

Or do they??? *cue spooky music*

I really don’t blame you for being cautious, Maxwell.

Cute hug…

Terrifying group hug!

Group conversations are weird.  He was making funny faces at Astrid and yet looking at Maxwell.  It is very awkward looking when sims are flirting in a group convo as well!


I don’t think she is as happy with her request to play now.  Fussy fussy.

Speaking of children!  Looks like we have another one incoming!

I just love him!

Naomi doesn’t look too pleased with the sickness-from-unknown-causes.  That’s the best part of the no pregnancy test route!

Pfft!  I’ve had several people compliment Isaac’s outfit on Twitter!

I was trying to find the post-it note that had the ingredients for the medicine written on it when a thought struck me… they can harvest from neighbor’s gardens!  So, they headed next to Drew and Everett’s to grab some chamomile and basil.

Butter:  My daddy!  You stay away!

And speaking of introductions… Isaac apparently didn’t know Smeagie yet!  Again, I don’t blame you for being cautious.  That dragon outfit really hides how terrifying that cat looks!  He really does look like a wild cat!

Wait… who?

While Isaac headed over to harvest the lemon trees that Smeagie discovered…

Vicente “read” a book on writing.  He was also doing this funny exaggerated turning of the pages that I wasn’t able to screenshot.  Oh, how I wish I could do video snippets!

Isaac started the medicine garden.

And then Dean showed up.

As well as Layla.  (Okay so they were walking by and Isaac flagged them down but we can pretend right?)

Although, I’m starting to think that the family just leisurely “walking” past the camp isn’t as much of a coincidence!  Alvin seemed unsure what to say when Vicente called them on it.

Alvin:  We walk this neighborhood all the time… don’t we dear?

I don’t think Keirstin did a good job lying!

Meanwhile, Dean has a scary intro from Smeagie!

And is fired up by Isaac.  All of these athletic sims!  They’re constantly energized!

Smeagie: Yes, take care of that for me.  Good person, I’ll train you yet.

Deciding to forgo the bush toilet and both needing the showers anyway, the guys headed back to the park.

Can’t hurt to eat a bit before heading back to camp.  Smeagie brought a present.

Everyone seems very attached to Khaled.  They all greet him when he arrives at the park.

Dylan was angry about something.  The guys played a few rounds of cards.

Vicente, I don’t think anyone would ever believe that adorable poker-face.  And with that, they called it a night.  Not the most eventful first day camping together but not so bad.

Derpy Doggie or Daddy?

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: A Day with… Smeagie!

  1. So both Isaac and Vicente are now camping out together? Cool!

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    1. Yea well, at that point, Isaac was 22 or so. It was time for him to move out.

      Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

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