Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Like An Old Married Couple

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

I just love Sassy!  I’m so happy I thought to give her to Casen.

It wasn’t super late and while Casen was tired Lucca wasn’t as much so he did some yoga before bed.  Sassy tried to figure out what he was doing and gave up to sleep by the tent.

A present!

But, I have a present!

Begging for the present?

Casen woke up starving.

Sassy: I sleep on you foot!

Are you kidding me?!

Carrots for breakfast and skill books while we wait for the invisible vamp to leave.  Sassy has found a new foot to sleep on.

They were given some stones to trade for goods and permission to grab anything they need from the supplies that were brought with the original shipment.

Then, it was off to the park for food.  They were both starving.  Apparently, so was Sassy!

Casen: No eating people food, Sassy.

Sassy: Playtime?

Sassy had to be comforted after hearing the scary gramophone.

Casen used some of the parts he’d gotten at the supply depot to do some upgrades on the toilets.

While Lucca continued to study the woodworking book.

Where are her dads again?

Every time!

For comparison… Axel and Astrid are the same age.

Another comparison.  I’d thought that Jitterbug and Puddin’ looked very similar until I saw them side by side.  The only real similarity is their long ears!

Snoozer was being absolutely adorable.

They were reading the level 2 book before this.


I was bored, Casen wanted to play cards… maybe not?  Look who’s here… somewhere?

Looks like Lucca found Vicente on his own.

Casen immediately vented to Isaac about the skill book.  Isaac then shared his melancholy thoughts.  Not the best way to greet each other.

Lucca and Vicente were doing much better.

Remember when I was playing the “guys” and “girls” households and would get whiplash trying to keep up with them all?  Well, at least there aren’t 4 in their household!

Why do they keep walking away from each other?  It drives me mad!  Stay in one spot!

While Casen and Isaac were driving me crazy, Lucca and Vicente were completely oblivious to the world.

They left.  Of course.

Their thought bubbles while reading the skill books cracked me up!

Casen had a whim to hug Callum.  I couldn’t find him and then he popped up out of the ball pit!

I wonder what Callum’s telling him?

Vicente’s back.


They are so sweet!

It’s like they’re an old married couple already.

Well, not really married.

And, although they were friends even longer than Isaac and Casen, the whole romantic relationship is all new and shiny for these two.


Ohhh!  Sassy defeats Butter taking a place in the Cat Fight Club hierarchy.  Not much of a feat, though, considering that Butter has been defeated by all contenders.

There were so many other sims around them I tried to get them to move over here and light the bonfire for screenshotting sake.

Temporarily distracted by neat-freak weirdness.

Oh, it must have been Khaled vomit!  Gross, he’ll need the vet.

I thought maybe things were heating up.  But no.  Looks like Khaled isn’t the only one who’s sick!

Poor Casen!

One last pic of these lovebirds.

Wow.  Baby whims before engagement?  I didn’t know that was even possible.

Time to call it a night.

But first, medicine.  It’s been 2 years!  LOL!  Really though, it’s been like 20 sim days or so.

Lucca and Sassy waiting outside cracked me up!

I always bring the free spirits home before I leave.

No surprises.  Probably since she was called home.

Last… And First Chance

1 thought on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Like An Old Married Couple

  1. YES GEEZ FINALLY! I think Sassy is my new favorite cat, so expressive and freaking adorable and I don’t care if I am biased LOL

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