Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: First Love

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Dean woke up and immediately went out to take down the laundry.  Okay, Dean.  You do you.

Two.  As you can see, I’ve made a new chart that adds a number of baby whims that a couple needs before I initiate a try for baby myself or do an adoption roll.  It has a different number needed depending on the couple’s age and how many children they currently have.

He is such a good sim.  I know I don’t really focus much on Dean.  Seeing this made me think it’s probably best for Layla to stay with him and Judy.

Isaac’s 20 now.  I suppose he should be moving out.  I guess I’d thought that since he and Casen were so affectionate as teens they’d be married almost as soon as they aged up like Tanya and Stephon were.

I think I really just didn’t want to break up the Layla/Isaac team.

I guess Dean’s obsession pays off?

Off to school.  I really love going here with the kids.  I was shocked that the Mesner’s are out of stones!  Last time I did the supplies I had Isaac pass their produce straight to Naomi without payment.  But even then, that would have been just one.  I suppose produce isn’t very lucrative.

And there she is!  School will never be the same!  I was a bit worried though about her needs.  She seemed fine but I may start freezing them while not playing her just in case.

She is just so expressive!

I suppose my other unplayed households are NPC’s?

She was just all over the place!

I thought I’ll spend the whole time watching these two then…

I saw Hayden!  Maybe you don’t understand why I’m so attached to him?  All of the sims before him were just random rolls.  And yes, he was the result of an adoption roll but I consider him truly Drew and Everett’s son.  He’s the first of the kids of “my” sims to age up!

She and Rainbow spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  I kept having Layla call her over to get her back in there!

The two “good” Burtons.

She was talking to Rhys and Darren all the way across the room.

Umm… girls.  It’s time to leave.  They always get stuck on those science tables and I have to reset them to get them off!

She stayed in school longer than usual and I was having so much fun I didn’t notice until I saw she was hungry.


When your mom is having much more fun playing dolls than you are.  His face!

A “pet” tub was added to the park to wash the dirty pups so they don’t have to keep sending them home.

Where are her dads?

Oh, there they are!  For once, Layla didn’t have that fascinated look on her face!

Sassy is the coolest looking cat!

How do they know???

He was waaay over here!

I had to try it!

The options are completely innocent.  She wanted to add hold hands but couldn’t get the interaction to work with children.

I gave in and made some real random townies.  No rolls.  Just some very quick randoms with playing with genetics because even with the new sims, having so many of the unplayed kids aging up has been generating more.  I’m not going to do heights.  They’re just there to roam the background to prevent the horribly dressed and not genetically linked randoms that the game generates.

Next building… bigger stalls.  I’m thinking maybe those “family” bathroom type things?  I hate taking pics with the walls down.

Is Elsa really patting Vicente’s head?  LOL!

Elsa:  Trust me, Lucca, he’s a great catch!

I forgot they are both bros.


Again, Puddin’?

Three of my favorite kiddos in one place!  I can’t wait for swings!!!

Look at his face!  Like the sun rises and sets with his little girl.

Chatterbox has defeated Butter!  Cat Fight Club lives on.  Both Chatterbox and Doodle remain undefeated.

Meanwhile, Keane was wondering why it was that none of the adults were reacting.  It’s Cat Fight Club, Keane.  The first rule of Cat Fight Club… If we don’t notice it then it’s not happening.

Dean and Isaac were exhausted.  They were the first awake that morning.

Which meant that Layla got the honors of jogging Fish.  I don’t think she minds!

Keane was sleepy too.

Judy was tired as well but did some yoga before bed.

I like seeing them pass the other sim’s houses.  Darrell and Naomi’s…

Enzo and Tobias’s.  Time to call it a night.  It was an exciting day resulting in a lot of screenshots!

Like An Old Married Couple

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  1. I love the dynamics of the school now! Plus seeing this family always makes me smile! I read Fish as Flash LOL

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