Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Wrapped Up In Each Other

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Since Aimee and Zion’s little family was all exhausted from the recent birth I got to Enzo and Tobias earlier than usual.

I wonder how long it will take for me to get used to this?

I know I’ve said it a million times but they all have sooo much laundry!

Tobias got a little canning done while Enzo was occupied.

Then, Puddin’ got sprayed by a skunk.

She wasn’t the only one!


Sadly, we have to wait for the cat to bathe himself.


A little play time with Puddin’ before bed.

Sierra woke first since she’d been sleeping earlier.  Poor Puddin’ had to sleep on the floor since Chatterbox took over her big bed!

At this rate, they’ll learn not to wake sims pretty quick.  They both do it a lot.

Sierra decided that she just had to do the laundry even though all there was were the clothes from the day before!  The clothes that Enzo washed were still on the line.

Which resulted in a scolding for drinking from and rolling in puddles.

Unlike the phases which annoy the heck out of me, I don’t usually cancel the mood swings.  Those at least I feel are realistic.  I was surprised that a sad painting didn’t help.  I’m pretty sure it decreases the grieving moodlet.

Oh nice Sierra, paint something that will scare the little children.  Also, Rhys and Layla sighting.

She wanted to talk to Daisy which was strange because she didn’t know her!  Maybe she did before that relationship culling.

I noticed Maxwell over here helping the new girl Kelsi with basketball.  She already got her late-teen makeover.

She’s actually a good match for Scarlett here who I feel bad for since she doesn’t really have bad traits but I have a habit of lumping with her twin.  Little Owen is such a cutie.  I still haven’t done the chemistry profiles for his family.  It’s harder for me to be interested really since all of the played households have matches except the really young ones.

The way Dylan was looking at her cracked me up!

She practiced writing for a bit.

Just as school was ending Hayden arrived!

Awe, sorry buddy!  He’s so little!

Off to the park for food.  It’s been annoying me that the sims that are left at home have their hunger need filled while I’m playing the others.  Regardless, Sierra was hungry.

A bit of play time for Puddin’.

So here I was, no joke, watching Kiera walking over thinking to myself she’s really not as bad as I make her out to be when she goes straight to Puddin’ to yell at her!

Don’t act so shocked when someone reacts to your meanness Kiera!  I wish there really was an “ask to leave” interaction for this but at least I can make her leave myself.

Of course, our Puddin’ got comforted.  Poor baby!  She’s such a sweet dog.

The guys let Sierra deal with it.  She’s a confident girl, mood swings aside.

Eight and Nine.

One of my favorite parts of starting a new round is seeing all the pets in their new outfits.  Rainbow didn’t wear that sweater long as you’ll see in the next chapter.

I think Elsa would definitely prefer a son.  Although, there are sooo many boys!  Either way, it’s random so we’ll see!

Another walk for Puddin’.

They moved over here after gasping at one of the toddlers crying.  Darren is so cute!

Speaking of gasping.

And then, there was this.  I rolled.  They got a positive result.  I actually felt indecisive.  Here I am with other couples that are 10 years older than them wanting children.  And, although I know that Erick and Maxwell also just got married they’ve been together a lot longer and are much more settled.  Turns out that the toddler had special needs.  She was born prematurely and was very fussy.  Her hot-tempered parents couldn’t deal.  Learning this Enzo and Tobias suggested that Erick and Maxwell, being teachers and having proved their patience with children would be a better fit.  You’ll meet her in the next chapter!

Meanwhile, you can look forward to me taking pics of practically every interaction between these two.  I do feel a bit nervous about them passing up on the adoption.  What if it takes a long time for them to adopt now?  But, what can I do?  Only time will tell.

It was actually seeing this that made my mind.  I felt so sad seeing him.  Especially after he held little Dante the other day.

 One. *sigh*

The guys were finally hungry.  I wonder if there’s something I can do to stop them from filling needs when not actively playing them?

Distracted by cuteness.

Back home.  This is the first time since starting Ash Shore that I’ve wished they had a TV or something.  It’s not like she has much of anything to do.

Meanwhile, they spend most of their time in their own world.  I suppose that’s the trade-up for having extremely high chemistry?

Sierra proceeded to walk over and take the clothes out of the tub that she’d washed that morning and dumped them on the ground.

At least the pets get lots of Sierra-attention.

While the other two are wrapped up in each other.

Yes, let’s chat around the soaking wet laundry.  Which Sierra later dumped back into the hamper.

We gotta get a little work done guys.

I really need to find something for Sierra to do!

Puddin’ woke Tobias again.  Who then proceeded to get dressed and go outside to scold her.  Small house or not wanting to wake the others?

Our Little Warrior Astrid

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Wrapped Up In Each Other

  1. What a sweet way to handle it!

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  2. I like the way you handled it. I hope they get to adopt soon, they would be good parents but…Yeah, Erick and Maxwell deserve their own kiddo! ❤

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