Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Our Little Warrior Astrid

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

I mentioned this in the last chapter with Enzo and Tobias.  I didn’t make it up!  It really was the roll.  Plus, I did the parent’s trait rolls instead of just their personality profiles and both were hot-headed.  The father also had uncontrolled emotions.  In Sims, it’s hard to portray some sort of disability.  The only simmer that I can think of that has done so was Raerei in her Huffman legacy.  I wracked my brains trying to think of what it could be.  I thought that being premature would be likely.  I read that a mother with high blood pressure is more likely to have a premature birth and anger issues cause high blood pressure so… there ya go.

Welcome to Ash Shore little Astrid Bridges!  She’s 21-months-old but is small for her age since she was premature.

Rainbow got a twinsies outfit!

Might as well get used to it Astrid.  It took me a very long time to choose a name for her.  I wanted something that signified a fighter.  Normally, when I find a name that I like but also reminds me of someone else I don’t use the name.  For example Rue, I love that name and yet just can’t use it since it makes me sad thinking of Rue in Hunger Games.  In this case, though, the name brings happy thoughts…

What better warrior to emulate?

And hopefully one day she’ll meet her own Hiccup.

Rainbow wasn’t sure about this new little person yet.

Being so tiny she’s hard to screenshot.  Thankfully, unlike the 15-months-old at her size, she can walk.

It was still nighttime but I was having so much fun watching them together!


I don’t think she’ll lack for attention!

Maxwell looked so happy here I actually teared-up.

And here.



Looks like Astrid and Rainbow are waking too.

Someone woke up feeling very energetic!

So little!

Off to the park.  Again, I was relieved that she’s older despite her size.  As much as I love seeing them grow the youngest toddlers her size are frustrating.

Ugh, Rainbow.

She still hasn’t learned!  It’s always when I play someone else!

A chat with daddy while she eats.

Cat-lover Maxwell had to introduce himself to the newest kitty Sassy.

And Jitterbug made her way over to say hello to Astrid!  That smile!  I just love this pup.

I really need to do something about all of those feathers!  The presents are almost always balls that I just have them drop in the park for the pets to play with.

Maxwell wanted to play with toys with Astrid which would have been adorable but no matter what I tried he kept sitting way away from her to play!  Meanwhile, she got angry about it.


Back home to potty train.

Someone’s proud of herself!

And needed a nap after that.

Bro hugs!

So funny!

Uh oh.  Someone’s awake!

I tried really hard to get a full-on pic of the three of them together but without a couch, I can’t see how it’s possible.  Especially with the heights.  Still, they’re so sweet together and just warmed my heart.

The nap didn’t do much good.  Toddlers need so much more sleep!  Erick’s turn this time.


I guess they wanted to keep quiet as not to wake up the little one?


And ten.  They failed the roll.  So, if it hadn’t been for Enzo and Tobias they wouldn’t have adopted.  I’d actually planned to pass it back to them if they succeeded.  Only time will tell.  I’m torn between feeling like they’re all having too many kids too close together to freaking-out every time I see the red on the age chart.

See?  For example, if Darrell and Naomi don’t get pregnant next time I play them they’ll have to be added to adoption rolls if they have a lot of baby whims.  That’s what the red is.  This might seem cruel but it’s for a good reason.  Without this kind of pre-planning, I’d have elders with teens who may never see their grandchildren.  Not everyone will be as long-lived like Cecilia has been.

First Love

1 thought on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Our Little Warrior Astrid

  1. I get it, but I really hope that isn’t the case! Drat on that failed roll!!!!!!! However they are so happy with Astrid, she is a little one but she is so precious and wonderful ❤ and they are great parents, it makes me super happy! Plus I feel like Enzo and Tobias are still in that honeymoon bliss, let them enjoy it a while longer.

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