Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Housekeeping

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

A/N: I had all of this random stuff so I thought that I’d just throw it all together.

First, I wanted to show you how I, hopefully, fixed my relationship culling issue thanks to CathyTea.  This is what the setting was set at in MCCC.

New setting.  I already posted this on Twitter but I realize that the timeline moves so fast and someone might possibly be reading those chapters long after they were published and have the same issue.

I finally made it over to Drew and Everett’s to have the boy’s diapers changed.  Which, as you’ll see later, was a waste of time but I thought it was funny so I kept the pic.

On to our new not-so-random townies.  First, we have 23-year-old Lynda Hensley and her 3 1/2-year-old son Braden.  She rolled some not-so-exciting traits.  I’m beginning to feel like making the rolls even between the lower and higher scales isn’t the best idea because I’m getting so many with the lower scales that I’ll end up ignoring completely.  Braden got some good stuff from his dad although, since he’s not raising him I should probably have not used him in the rolls but oh well.

Megs showed me this vampire that had knocked on her sim’s door in one of her saves and I said he’s pretty cute so she de-vamped him and put him on the gallery for me.  I used him as the dad for the next group of townies…

Meet the Mathis kids.  I believe the eldest is named Troy now.  I actually originally named him Dane forgetting that there’s a townie already with that name.  He’s the same age as Aubree, 17.  Next is Kelsi, same age as Drake, 16.  Last is Ava, same age as Skye, 6.  The “same age” thing makes it easier to figure out where they’ll go on the age chart.  Plus, I have the birthdate column hidden right now.  And, it helps gauge their ages.  I know a household with teens and a child might seem weird but I really don’t need any young adults except really young ones at the moment.  I tried to only roll ages that I currently have no matches for.  The eldest two actually did match with some of the unplayed and unmatched so that’s good at least.

I had been putting this roll off until last since it required so many rolls and sims.  An uncle with his niece and nephew required rolls for and creation of his parents, his brother, brother’s wife, and then him and the kids.  Genetics, yay!

21-year-old Declan Page, same age as Summer.  The kids’ ages are weird because I’m still in the process of transitioning into the new age ranges.  Mia is one “day” lower than Kyra so 9ish.  Owen is one above Rylee so 8ish.  I didn’t do any chemistry matches yet.

Have you ever seen the Twilight scene where Jane is leading all of the humans to the room in the Volturi stronghold to be used as donors?  (Nice word for something terrifying.)  This made me think of that.  Right this way all, just stand there, perfect.

This process takes forever.  It took 6 sim hours.  I left the game running, went to the kitchen and got a drink and made a sandwich while listening to the sythe.  Then, I heard crying…

Housewarming party???  Are you kidding me right now?  Why the heck were homeless sims brought for the party in the first place?  Sorry, Kelsi, you weren’t meant to see this.  Her brother was there too… somewhere.

On to the next housekeeping issue.  It’s been driving me nuts that Hayden and Devin were marked as son of one and step-son of the other.  I was trying to explain it on Twitter so I went into the other adopted households to show it was the same for them…

But, it wasn’t!  I wracked my brains on what I could have possibly done differently with them?  The only thing I could think of is that with the others I merged the kids in CAS and changed the relationships right away.  I know with Devin, at least, I merged in live mode and deleted the bio parents in CAS.

I did fix it.  But, it required me re-merging the boys in CAS.  I wrote down all of their relationships first and screenshotted their skills.  Which I didn’t need to do it turns out but I thought you’d like to see:

I brought everyone they knew to the park and had them meet them again and cheated the relationships back to where they had been.  It was worth it.  I’ve been really upset about that tree.  I’ve done this thing with “killing off” all of the unneeded CAS sims because of the family tree and here I was so annoyed about this I refused to even look at them!

So there you have it.  The housekeeping and stuff for this round.  Hope it was somewhat entertaining.

Dastardly Deeds and Laugh-A-Minute Meetings

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Housekeeping

  1. I winced at your pain again! I remember how nuts you were with this! The not so random townies are cute though, I recognize a few of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can be all foreshadowy with this one… none of the new households takes much precedent at first but one day in the future all of them will be somehow important.

      Liked by 1 person

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