Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: A Lazy Day?

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Usually, my new habit now that I’m “waking up” with the sims is to immediately have them go to sleep but they were out by Bo-Vine chatting and too cute not to screenshot.


After everyone went to bed the pets just kinda sat there.

One thing that happens a lot with these households is the food going off.  I suppose it ticks down in freshness while not playing them.

Another pup that’s a big fan of the canning station!  It broke and I wracked my brains who could she call to fix it.  It should be Casen, but he has barely any skill yet.

Pregnant lady to the rescue?

All fixed.  She got a jar of jam for her troubles.

Which really, seeing how hard it seems to be to keep up with making stuff, is a lot.

If that new mod makes it that they go into the bushes less often instead of not at all like the first I had I can’t imagine how often it must happen in an unmodded game!

Off to the park to cook.

Naomi became step-mom of the year by making a cobbler for lunch.  Which, it seems, isn’t very filling.  The enthuse about meal speech bubble is… creepy.

I thought everyone chillin’ looked pretty cool.  Just a relaxing day at the park.

I’d considered not having her go to school since she’d practically completed a school project that morning but there really wasn’t anything exciting happening anyway.

Don’t look so enthusiastic Sierra.

She put on a puppet show.

And got some drawing mentoring from Tricia whom I realized looks very similar to her.

Slowly but surely, the wall is filling up.

More puppet fun.

So cute!  I can’t wait for him and Maxwell to have their own kiddo!

At least Naomi has Rylee most of the time when she’s not with her mom.

Although… four.

Look who can walk!  LOL!  I really crack myself up with this.  I totally don’t take myself seriously… and yet I do.

Doodle’s in heat.  It has been verified, twice, by KitDragonFlight that the pets do indeed autonomously breed!  Could you imagine a mix of her and Smeagie???

They look so similar.  It will be interesting to see what the next child looks like.

Rainbow has been defeated again!  Have I mentioned that I’m tracking Cat Fight Club now?

Kyra looked confused viewing that art that Elsa made.  Little Ava is pretty cute.  I was briefly confused about the height difference but realized that Ava is Skye’s age and it’s the other new girl Mia is Kyra’s age.

More flirting.

Back home.  Rylee needed a bath.  I wanted to see if I could figure a way to have them jog together.  I had them both leash the dogs.

Then, I picked a spot and had them “go here” or “jog here.”

And, to my delight, they jogged together!

Once she’d finished with her bubble bath, Rylee had a cowplant babysitter!

Nothing like having a dog howling her love to the toilet while trying to potty eh?

So sweet!

I thought maybe things might heat up?

Maybe not.

Really though?  I feel like all of the pets have fixated on the bathroom plumbing because there really isn’t anything else other than the typewriters and gramophone.

Having two pets in one house is pretty fun.

They are so sweet together.


I had Naomi give him an anti-heat pill.  All of the in-heat pets at the park are driving me nuts!

Just So Sweet!

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: A Lazy Day?

  1. I love how all of your pets are obsessed with bathroom objects. “Wait, what is this, this is where humans go poo? But where does the poo go? They can’t step in it if it disappears!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe it’s bathroom objects because that’s the only items in the houses that they can become obsessed or afraid of. No TV or anything.

      Liked by 1 person

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