Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Buggin’ Out

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Ever since Lucca and Isaac aged up I’ve been trying to think how on earth I’m going to go about getting them all together.  I mean, yea, I do play Isaac but I also play his whole family so my attention is split especially with Layla going to school and the cutie Keane.  I could just play Vicente or Casen’s families but it would be the same, probably worse because their families are even bigger!

So, this was my solution.  Lucca and Casen.  They moved into Tobias’s old camp.  I forgot that it was nighttime.  They were hungry and tired but it seemed silly to send them to the park to eat.  Lucca harvested some carrots which they weren’t thrilled with.

In the morning, they went to the park.  I removed the mod that stops the pets using the bush and replaced it with one that’s supposed to make them do it less often.  I don’t think it works.  I’m going to warn you off the bat… this chapter is going to be weird.

Lucca had cooking skill almost to 2 so he got elected to read a cooking skill book before they ate.  Everyone keeps making poor food!  Casen’s reading one of the two handiness books.

Until his little bro showed up that is.

This is how the day went.  I would see a whim for either Isaac or Vicente and look around and see them.

Where did he even come from?

He wanted to tell a joke… go tell it to Isaac.

He’s level two now but I don’t think he’s so sure about making burgers out of carrots.  It works, I swear!

They were both starving.  I had to have him eat at least a little bit even if Isaac was there.

Oh.  Okay, bye then.  And thus this will be the pattern of the day.

Now, I swear to you that I did not orchestrate this!  I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I did because, really, how often do we see Smeagie at the park?  Like, never.  Which begs to question, are the sims that are attracted to the park ones with some sort of relationship with the played sims there?  Sounds too complicated to be possible but I can’t think of any other explanation.

Hey Vicente, great of you to show up but uh… your cat stinks.

I told Casen to read his book.  He moved to the other table.  Lucca and Vicente immediately moved as well.

Looks like the intense chess match of the day is between our newlyweds.  Which is funny because they’re both creative.

Yuck!  Nobody eat those burgers!

Bye Vicente!

Get used to it Lucca.

He’s still sick?!

Aaaand… Isaac’s back.  Are they taking turns?

I have no idea why he was standing and reading but I found it funny.

Yes, I know, I’m risking infecting everyone by having him chatting there.  But, the lure of Isaac was too strong!

He looked so funny holding that mug the whole time.

And… Isaac left.

I forgot Lucca’s neat.  He was miserable until I figured out what needed cleaning.  Also, look in the background.  I didn’t see him at the time.

Then, I saw this.

Looked around and there he is leaving as well as Smeagie.  This day was just sooo weird!

I didn’t even have to look around.  I just had to flip through their whims and I knew when the other was there!

Lucca’s sister Summer was walking so he ran over to talk to her and ask her to hang out.  They were so close as teens.

Okay, now, start paying attention.  First, where they are sitting.

I have no idea what was happening with Casen’s dad Demetrius and Tobias!

Back over here with the siblings chatting.

Umm… no.

ALL of them changed seats!  What?  When?  Demetrius and Tobias are still arguing or something.

And then he sits down and they start telling jokes as if nothing had been happening.

Is this Buchanan’s at the park night?  First, Casen’s dad seemed to be a permanent fixture and now his sister?  But, look!  She’s with Dylan!  Hooray for that “hook up” interaction!

If it was me, and that was my dad, I would not do this.

Now, if you go back to almost the very beginning.  You will notice that Rainbow was on the table.  She’s on the table a lot.  I didn’t really pay much attention until I saw the sad thought bubble.  She was stuck!  I had to cheat her into the household and have Lucca send her home!

Casen really wanted to get Isaac back to the camp!

Too late, he left… again.  Not that I’d let you anyway.

And yes, still sick.  Is he just here to keep an eye on his kid’s romantic relationships?

Speaking of which!  I did a double-take-jaw-drop seeing this!!!  So, I take it that Drake and Kiera are getting along then?  Awe, teen love.

Aubree and Dylan were less demonstrative but spend the whole evening together.

Lucca spent most of it with his sister.




Oh, there he is.  And… Isaac.  Weirdest.  Night.  Ever.

Not the best picture but the only one I managed to get.  Kiera’s yelling at Drake.  Sheesh.

The flirting across the tables thing was driving me nuts.  And then, Vicente got bugged or something and I couldn’t get a social menu when clicking on him.  Then… he left.  Shocker, I know.

Isaac left too.  I was getting whiplash.

Maybe he likes getting yelled at?

I didn’t remember until later what Smeagie had been doing on those burgers!  Yuck!


Turns out, Casen is friends with Kiera.  Shocking.  She came over to whine about her unfair life.  I mean, really, it’s gotta suck having Kenneth for a dad so I don’t blame her.

He kept getting steam out of his ears but I never paused fast enough.  He’s gonna infect everyone but, at this point, I feel like everyone is already sick!

Stop!  Snoozer time!  I’ve never seen him do this.  My little big couch potato dog!

Why is it that they’ve been here the whole evening as well as Casen’s dad and yet both Isaac and Vicente keep leaving???

Is she… asking him about woohoo???  I suppose the way he and Isaac were at it when they were teens might make it seem like he has more experience than he does eh?

Well, guys, what now?  I mean, there’s nothing to do at home.  I suppose I could go to the next house early.

Then, I saw that Lucca had an interaction with Vicente in his queue.  Guess just make more tea then.

Did you think that this day was weird?  Well, prepare for weirder.  And by that, I mean, invisible Vicente.

What the heck is happening right now???

I had them travel together.  I didn’t even save first.  And look!  There are boats and stuff.  Haha.  I really miss going to these areas.

Back to the park.  They are so sweet together.  I think no matter how old he is Vicente’s going to have that baby face.  I tried giving him facial hair but no.  Maybe in a few years?


Ugh.  Bye then.  That’s all I can take of this day anyway.  Sheesh!  And now… let me show you what else had me ready to lose my mind…

It started with one child…

Then a teen…

Another teen…

And another…

And one more.  I was ready to scream!  First, if the game would generate varied families I wouldn’t mind as much.  But it doesn’t.  The male teen was a total aberration.  The other families were all the usual mother/teen daughter/child son combo.  They never look alike!  They don’t look like a family.  And they are always dressed terribly!

So, I took Casen and Lucca back to the camp and stayed until dawn because I’ll need to have it light for the profile pics of the new not-so-random townies.  *sigh*  I was really hoping I could wait a bit longer.  So many of them are aging up though, it shouldn’t have been a surprise.


3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Buggin’ Out

  1. In response to which Sims show up at parks or other public spaces , the overall game AI does take into consideration the needs, personality , relationships , and affinities of the Sim you’re playing . It will even generate compatible Sims just for them, if none exist. Ever notice how it seems like the same Sims always show up , and some you never see? That’s what’s going on .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh wow, that’s really interesting! I was thinking that might be what’s happening but it sounded too complicated!


  2. Such a weird chapter! Hopefully soon these two couples get together angry frustrated face

    Liked by 1 person

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