Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: More Twinsies Fun!

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

A household containing not only an adorable toddler but also my favorite cat?  And, twinsies as well!  So fun!

Look who became companions!  Ragtime’s smile says it all!  She might think that she’s a dog person but she’s sooo a cat person!

Again, I took so many pics that they just don’t really need captioning for the most part.

How do they brush through the costumes?

Morning kisses.  I’d totally forgotten I’d given him a tattoo.

Not only does she go to throw up in the bush, again, but Zion followed her out there to flirt by said stinky bush!  Gross!

Ragtime trying to decipher what this potty chair is all about.

He continues to fear the typewriter.

And decided to go seek an adventure in the neighborhood instead.

Axel is a heavy sleeper.

Look who’s awake!

I have no idea why he put him back to bed.  He’s not tired, he’s hungry.

I was like oh no the relationship thing happened again, they know nobody!  Then, I realized I’d chosen to travel with Axel.  He looks so cute up there in the corner!

As cute as they are and as much as I love watching the toddlers “grow” I really find this first stage frustrating.

Ragtime’s face really creeped me out here…


I thought, at first, that someone had noticed Cat Fight Club.  But no, he’s looking at Toodles.

Chatterbox shockingly bests Rainbow in his premier fight!

I couldn’t choose.  With cat…

Or without cat.

Rainbow go bathe yourself!  Gross!

Or… cower in fear at the gramophone.

Axel was being so good getting potty trained when…

I heard a noise and put the walls down and saw this!  Boys!  Where are your dads???  Devin’s face is so funny.  I have the feeling that Hayden will be getting him into trouble… a lot.

And *pop* there’s the third-trimester belly.  I’m actually confused about this.  I could swear that she looked this big a few chapters ago.  I do have a mod that is supposed to make the pregnancy more realistic since the game makes their bellies freaking gigantic from the start.  I think perhaps I had a mod that was conflicting with it working.  Although, I haven’t deleted many mods so I have no idea.  I also lengthened the pregnancy duration again.  Just a few additional days to make up for the new group meeting days.  It didn’t affect Aimee though.

Cutie!  I thought he was talking to his dad but when Dean wasn’t responding I realized he was talking to Demetrius.

I’ve never seen this one!

He looks silly eating that gigantic burger.

Is it just me or does the “don’t wake up sims” thought bubble look terrifyingly similar to “don’t smother sims in their sleep?”

Zion had this speech bubble while potty training Axel.  First, I’m confused since it has actual letters and not simlish.  Second, what the heck is it supposed to be?  Playdough?  And, if so, how does that relate to potty?

So cute as twinsies!  I really wish that there were more matching outfits.  I think it’s silly for the older sims but for toddlers and children, it’s cute!

Poor poor squeamish sim.

They are just so sweet together.

They are all so sweet.  Ragtime cracked me up in that second pic.

Zion finally finished the book!  Ragtime doesn’t seem to understand that the bathtub he’s obsessed with fills up with dreaded water!  Although, I have seen the occasional photo of a cat swimming so I suppose his love for bathtub could be sincere.

Darned Random Rolls

5 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: More Twinsies Fun!

  1. Ragtime’s face! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wasn’t it freaky?! I always seem to catch these weird things. Likely because I pause a lot lately. I remember the days of high-speeding. I can’t imagine what that’s like anymore. LOL


  2. Rainbow’s face, aw! This family is adorable, will she ever get a dog though? Axel needs a puppy! Ragtime is a great cat, I am glad she and he are companions!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll figure it out super soon then! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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