Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Baby Fever

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

Here I was, all hyped and ready to start playing the households when I realized that I still needed to have everyone take their stuff to the supply depot which I didn’t do last round resulting in a lot of them having nothing to do when I played them.  I started off with the Mesners.  I realized that I almost always default to Isaac doing the gardening.  Although, they could use more plants so it’s not a big deal if he continues gardening after he moves out.

More produce from Enzo.  Tobias smoked and collected from the bee box and didn’t smoke himself which I found very funny because Enzo almost always does!

Chatterbox promptly went to sleep.  I really wanted to stay!

Drew harvested his herbs and the plan was to have him go to the depot and make as much medicine as he could.

Plan ruined.

I broke a big rule and had him go over to the part of the ‘hood that technically shouldn’t exist… yet.

Oh, Butter.

Still waiting.  I mean, if I get stuck with anyone I’m glad it was them but still, it was getting late!

Finally!  Yes, yes.  We all know you’re pregnant and miserable Aimee.  Surprisingly, she only had those two wall shelves to sell.

After getting some lemons from Enzo and Tanya, Drew headed back to make a few more self-made medicines.

Tanya dropped off the few things she’d gathered in addition to the crystals, metals, and fossils for Mack.

I realized that not only was it silly to have everything put on the shelves that Naomi would end up buying but that some of the stuff could be used by Tobias as well.

And Drew stocked up his new shelf with medicine and sadness alleviation potions.

I don’t think that skipping Tanya’s household for a few rounds will be a problem.

But first, we have a stinky dog to contend with.

Might as well try to get at least a little done, eh?

Everyone has so much laundry!  Khaled says play with me, mommy!

Mack finished extracting a few elements by the time she was done and her arms really hurt.  She looked miserable.

That’s 10!!!

Time to wait.  I hate the waiting but it’s more realistic than an immediate pregnancy test.

They were about to leave but Khaled looked so comfy.  Sorry, Khaled, mommy and daddy are hungry!


She was still miserable from washing the laundry.  If you guys would stop constantly changing your clothing!  More baked potatoes.  His cooking skill isn’t high enough to make any of the stuff with the ingredients they all just got from the supply depot.  Plus, vegetarians don’t have many options.

Their reaction to Khaled begging was a bit over-the-top.


Now if we could just get the cats all trained not to eat people food!

Speaking of cats.  You do know you don’t “own” those cats right?

What the?

Obviously, she was asked to leave.  I realize that I do have to have sims with different personalities and not all of them can be sunshine and rainbows.  That doesn’t mean I have to like them.


And an almost immediate three.

He’s stinky.  I should have gone into their household and changed the kid’s diapers immediately.

Doesn’t the stink bother you?

They did actually flirt a bit.  I’m actually surprised that they were even there, truthfully.  Maybe for Snoozer to socialize?

Like the dog begging, the toddler crying reaction was way over-the-top.  You do realize that all of this try for baby business means you’ll deal with this as well, don’t you?

A rare 15-month-old toddler sighting!  He’s all shy.  So cute!

I love Darren.  So different from his sister!

Yes, he stinks.  Do something about it!

I didn’t realize that Callum was here with Demetrius.  I was distracted watching Mack and Elsa.  Although, you wouldn’t know it from the lack of pictures I took of them.

Is there a name for their relationship?  Her brother-in-law’s sister?

I love getting this pic.  I have one of most of the guys.  It just feels like a united front.  Together through thick and thin type of stance.

Although, I love these pics too!

Awe, Lucca’s helping Callum with his flashcards.

While dad stands by.  So funny.

A rare Dyno-Myte sighting!

It was autonomous!  I know better than to have them tell each other jokes.  Especially the flirty one.

Khaled was restless so they went home for his nightly jog.

And Mack got a little done.  Although, he didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

The jog in their neighborhood is so boring.  This is the only pretty spot.

And a bit of yoga while Elsa finished her jog and took a bath.  Then, it was playtime with Khaled until his turn.

Then, mommy got playtime!

Aaaand let the flirting begin!

Four, Five, and Six.

Seven, Eight, and Nine.

Aaaaand ten!

Only time will tell.

Chapter notes: I suppose I didn’t realize just how many try for baby whims they were getting while I flipped through whims.  I am trying to follow at least some whims with all of them because I’m going to give them a boost that negates a health strike for having a lot of fulfilled whims.  I just haven’t decided how many yet since they are mostly autonomous, unlike my usual play that would result in over 1,000 in a lifetime.

I almost forgot the “caption this” blooper!  Our winner was KitDragonFlight…

A Dream Come True

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Baby Fever

  1. Heh, I won! Cool. I do love Mack and Elsa, I hope all those hearts took…I bet they did! Khaled did look super comfy. I love seeing everyone in Ash Shore, it’s so cool! I also loved seeing what everyone contributes to the depot! What does Elsa do? Anything?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elsa’s creative so she writes books about Khaled.

      Liked by 1 person

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