Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: A Dream Come True

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

I’m sure it goes without saying that I was very excited to play this household for the first time since the wedding!  Before sending them to bed, Puddin’ needed a bath.

And the food bowls needed filling.

Sierra woke up first.  Looks like she’d have liked to have a few more hours sleep.

I finally remembered that this fruit can be sliced and eaten!  I think I’ll plant a few more of these trees!

Off to school.  I thought a little cooking skill couldn’t hurt.  And look, Tricia is here.  Have I mentioned that their chemistry is almost as high as Enzo and Tobias’s?  I’m sure I have.

The lure of the puppet show was too strong to resist.

I really need to get that lot trait that makes them stop changing their clothes.  Not only is it weird that they change them constantly, but it’s also making their laundry pile up since they all have like 10 changes of dirty clothes in their inventories when I get to them!  Also, did you really think my obsession with high chemistry couples would end by getting her brother married?

You too?  Let’s go before you infect the whole school.


I really couldn’t resist screenshotting practically every interaction.  I’ll resist captioning most of them since they’d just be “sweet” “awe” “cute” and so on.

Another intense chess match.

Butter, once again, challenged Doodle for Cat Fight Club hierarchy and failed!  He’s just too soft-hearted.

Why did I keep forgetting to change their diapers???

I even had Sierra go over and when she was about to change his diaper one of his dads picked him up and left with him darnit!

Puddin’ was giving Chatterbox kisses and I didn’t pause quick enough!

She was looking over at her brother and Tobias but I couldn’t get the angle right to show her face and them too.

I hadn’t realized she’s friends with Elsa.  Looks like Tobias is rubbing off on her already.  That’s how he greets everyone.

Poor Snoozer really needs to learn not to be afraid of the gramophone.  I wish that sims from other households could comfort the upset pets.

Ack!  Khaled, no!!!  They can’t scold them either.  I wonder if that could be modded like the Parenthood one?

Mom walks over to play sea monster and Alayna promptly skips off.


Looks like they’re pals already!


That happy face is her looking over at them again.  I’d have kept them at home but there isn’t anything for her to do there!

That look from Layla!  So funny.

Mom and Dad playing sea monster for Daisy.

I have no idea what this was about.  As soon as I unpaused he happily petted her.

I got a kick out of taking screenshots like this with them in the background and putting them on Twitter yesterday.  The people who know who they are noticed what I was doing I’m sure.

The angle I’d normally take.  I get the feeling that now that they’re married their stance on PDA has gone out the window!  They literally talked to nobody!  They were there almost the entire day and stayed in that one area chatting and flirting.  You can probably guess I was thrilled.  Although, the million screenshots probably clued you in.

Wowza!  I think they actually were holding back at the park.

Sierra had been in the bathroom texting on her phone after her bath when I realized what they were going inside for!  I quickly teleported the poor girl outside before she was scarred for life.

I love these two.  I’d say they’re my favorite brother/sister team but there’s also Isaac and Layla.  Pretty much even between them, I think.

Words cannot describe how happy they make me!  I was grinning all through cleaning the house after this!  That’s quite a feat, let me tell you!

More Twinsies Fun!

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