Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Sorta Romantic

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

As per usual, when I got to Christian and Michelle’s house they were both starving.  Snoozer was filthy as well!

How could neither of them have any cooking skill?  I guess there must have been food already made when I played them before this?  Or they just ate pickles or something.

Nom Nom

This was adorable and totally cracked me up!  Is he begging for food?

Speaking of cats, both of them needed to use the toilet and they wouldn’t!  When I looked, Doodle was parked in front of the doors to both toilets!  How they knew that from way out by the picnic tables remains a mystery.

Another intense chess match.

Devin’s here!  He’s already speeding up.  And, oh look, Callum can walk now.

Awe leaving with the cuteness?

Panda made a rare appearance!

As well as Booger!  I think it has something to do with the club meetings?  This happened after the last club meeting day.  Sims that normally don’t hang out at the park showed up then too.

Lovin’ for Snoozer.

I’m not sure if this is writing skill or the creative trait.  I saw Vicente do it too on his birthday.

Speaking of which.  They really do look great together.

Awe hugs for little sis!  She aged up as well!

Tiny little Callum talking to mom.

Fish’s smile!  So cute!!!

Don’t let the pics fool you.  I just took pics when I saw the romantic interactions.  There weren’t many compared to the others.



Callum will be zooming around soon enough as well!  My toddlers are fast!

He no longer looked filthy… no clue why?  But, Christian gave him a bath anyway.  The shape of their bathroom actually made screenshotting a lot easier!

If you look close you can see the trail of stink from that laundry.  Gross!

Again, I wish they could differentiate between puddles.

I didn’t realize that he hadn’t hung up the clothes and he was getting inspired to paint.

Speaking of painting.  I messed around for what felt like forever and finally found the culprit of the duplicate paintings.  The annoying part is that I’d looked in that folder to begin with and there were only like 6 mods in there so I have no idea how I missed it!

I’ve seen the cats just roam around but not the dogs.  He doesn’t have that Independent trait either.  I thought it was pretty cool.

I took out that slower painting mod.  It’s just not practical in this situation.  I figured they could do one each and then move on to doing something else.  I really want some paintings at the store!

Finally done, I just started going through their whims, which were totally boring, to get them to interact.

No flirting really.  No flirty whims.  Alrighty then.

Back to the park for meal number two.  Since they eat so early in the morning they end up eating at least twice that day.

I thought it was so sweet that Snoozer was… Snoozing, by them.


I love Isaac’s facial expressions.

Awe!  Sometimes, I feel like my sims are more autonomously romantic in public than they are at home!

Oh no!  Snoozer was afraid of the gramophone and had to be calmed down.

Toodles is in heat.  This is her first rejection of a mate.  You’ll see many more in the next chapter.

More flirting.

Demetrius and Libby flirting as well.

They were being so sweet.  And both very flirty.  I thought yay let’s take this back home!


One of them had a makeout whim.  Of course, they had to sit on that side of the bed where I can’t screenshot from the front!

Snoozer cracked me up!

And that was it.  They were way too tired for more chatting.  The whole day, they barely had any romantic whims at all and kept intermixing the autonomous romance with jokes and just talking so much that nothing really exciting happened between them.  I decided to go with my plan to leave when they went to bed to go to the next household so I’d be there in the morning.

Playground Antics

3 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Sorta Romantic

  1. I really like Snoozer!

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    1. Me too! He’s adorable and has a fun personality.

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  2. Ragtime is such a cutie! I adore this couple.

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