Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Round 4 Birthdays

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

A/N:  I feel weird calling it a “day” even though on the calendar/timeline it is technically a day.  I’ve been referring to it as a round at least in my head.  It’s more than a rotation in my mind so… we’ll go with round.  Round, Season, Turning, Rhythm… me and my made up terms.  Although, I can’t claim season… that’s all mother nature’s credit!  And my son came up with Rhythm which I think is awesome.

Before we start the round of birthdays at the park we had a little one to age up!  I took this pic before his makeover to show how cute Ragtime was being right after she’d aged Axel up!

Don’t mind me mom and dad.  I’ll just… sit here.

His profile pic!  Sooo adorable!  I was really hoping he’d get his dad’s hair color.  Both Aimee and Zion have the same eye color and he got Zion’s skin color too.  In case you’re curious Axel Sands.

Okay so, you’re going to laugh at me.  After the whole breakdown over the relationships, I stopped playing for a bit.  I forgot it was still evening when I was with Sophia and Kyra.  So here I had merged all the birthday kids into a household, set up the park, and sent them there.  Only to discover it was 9pm!  Oopsie.  So, I sent the little ones home and kept Casen and Vicente there.

I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to go about playing them.  I’ve only played Vicente’s household briefly to get his mom and Tobias’s dad together.  I played Lucca’s for his and Summer’s birthdays and Summer and Reece’s wedding.  It would be wrong to just merge them together!

Okay, so here is an example of the new “teen” age phases.  Janelle is a late teen and Tricia is a pre-teen.

I should have given Aubree a different shirt since she’s a late teen too.  I didn’t think about it at the time.

I’m so bad!  I can’t help it.  I had Casen tell Dylan he should hook up with his sister.

I love all three of them!  How can I totally adore sims that I haven’t even played?

Awe man!


I thought since Kiera and Drake were both there it was a good time to set them up as well.  They actually should have a romantic relationship already from the last time I played her.  Oddly they didn’t do that rose interaction.  Maybe because they already had a relationship?

I think she looks so much better in her early-teen clothes.  It’s a little more playful than I’d normally give her but it’s really hard to dress the more serious sims and make them look young.

Awe!  Drake looks cute too I think!

Someone’s feeling better after his bench nap.


I brought the birthday girls up and started making a list of everyone’s family and good friends to invite as well.

I was especially excited to age up these two… Sierra the most, of course.

I think it was better having mostly the families there.  It’s nice that at least some of them have families already.


Chatting with mom.

All of them are friends with Erick.  I suppose because he’s the teacher?

Speaking of little families!

Oh man, I don’t think Libby appreciates Casen’s help with Callum.

Bro and sis!

Grandma hugs are the best!


Daddy hugs are pretty great too!

Let us not forget Hannah’s family.

Enzo’s face cracked me up!  Like, I live with two children.

From the look on her face, I wonder if Hannah doesn’t fit in as well in her family?  I’ve not paid too much attention to them.  They rarely visit the park at the same time.

I didn’t even realize that I’d given all three of them very similar hair.

Poor Casen!

Even the healthy green tea didn’t work.

Poor guy!

It was so hard to get this pic with both of their expressions.  Worth it.

I love this pic!  The way Alayna is looking at Kierstin!

Freshly woken from his bush nap and feeling better it’s time for Casen to blow out his candles!

He was starving so I slipped him some apple jam!

Someone ate some of the “teen” cake before Vicente could put candles on it.  Toddler cake it is then.

Umm… okay then.

Hannah’s turn!

I took this one because of the look on her dad’s face here!

Sierra’s turn.  Kept the “candles on cake” pic because it was the only one with Enzo close by.

I’ll never understand why sims move around so much during birthday celebrations.  She looks so pretty here.  I was sooo excited for her to age up!

As you can see, I hadn’t updated to the new patch yet.  I kept forgetting.  I ended up having to cheat him into the household and teleport him away!

Back to the birthday!

And then, waaay back there, Enzo throws confetti.  Thanks, bro.

Lastly is little Alayna.


I didn’t really change much with Casen and Vicente.  Which was weird.  I mostly gave them new outfits for the other categories.

I love these two!  I’m so excited to play them soon!

Hannah is playful so her pre-teen look was very easy.

Sierra, on the other hand, was waaay more difficult.  She’s serious and not athletic.  I’d normally give her a dress or a pretty top.  But, everyone is in winter-wear.  All of the warmer dresses looked way too grown up.  Same with the long-sleeved blouses.  But, she is just so gorgeous, isn’t she?

And Alayna last!  Very athletic from her birth father.  Much easier to dress.  Although, I later realized I’d given her almost exactly Layla’s look.

Found the girls in the bathroom comparing looks.

Soon?  Hopefully!

Finally, Casen and Isaac flirted… not much.


Looks like someone wants some attention.

Sierra must have known.  I really do forget who I have control of at these things.

You too?!  I sent him home.  Hopefully, he didn’t infect too many of them.

And that, my friends, is the end of this round’s birthdays!  The only “played” sim with a birthday next round is Hayden.

Baby Fever

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  1. Ragtime is such a character! ❤ Axel is such a precious little tot! All of them look fantastic, and Sierra is beautiful, as is Hannah and Alayna and of course the guys! I love their looks!

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