Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Playground Antics

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 2

The new “wake up with the sims” plan has been implemented.  Normally, I cheat up everyone’s energy.  I did have to cheat up Darrell’s hunger a bit but I just let them all go to bed.  Including the pups!

We do not look happy this morning.

Awe hugs!

Siggy, finally, learned to potty outside!

A little flirting.

More hugs.

And doggie love.

Darrell took Siggy to get a bath.

And Naomi went out to gather from the bee box.  I’m so psyched for the new one in Seasons.  Although, it looks like you can only use it during spring and summer… something like that.  I mostly sent her out to change her clothes.  LOL!

A little brushing for Jitterbug.

And scrubbing for Siggy.

Then playtime for Jitterbug.

And a scolding for drinking out of the toilet!


Why in the 2×2 bathroom?  Siggy was obsessing over the tub and she was playing with her toy.

Rylee was hungry so they went to the park to eat before school.

Looks like someone’s copying daddy!  Enough cuteness!  Must stay on task.

I was very confused to see that the burnt science table has magically been replaced.

Rylee immediately headed to the puppet theatre.  These sims love puppet shows so it’s a good choice!

Tricia is so cute!

They almost always play cards.  I suppose they are mostly there for supervision?  When I’m not controlling them at least!

Skye is actually the closest in age to Rylee so I had her go chat with her.

Haha, nothing like your teachers flirting eh?  Ash Shore schooling is the best.  Really though, my kids have mad high skills!

She had a whim to chat with Tricia.

And, as usual, Layla is leading Rhys around.  He doesn’t seem to mind it at least.

Ugh.  I had to go into manage worlds for something quick and when I returned the game wouldn’t let the camera inside the building!  I could see in the window and door when it opened but nothing more than that!

Back to the park.  I’d have liked to have had Naomi do some more canning but I hadn’t had anyone else take stuff to the store for her to use so she couldn’t.  Which meant there was no real reason to leave the park.

I love having the kids walk the dogs.  Her very small stride made Jitterbug kinda prance like a pony and it was really funny.


And more cuteness!


Oh, yea, that’s right, I’m playing them right now, aren’t I?

Can you really blame me getting distracted?  Kyra and Darren alert!  Another shot for their future scrapbook.  LOL!

I thought it was adorable that they were both playing sea monster for the kids together.

Hannah is viewing the artwork wondering why she wasn’t at the meeting.  So sorry, Hannah!  Next one!

Telling stories to daddy!

The ship is much more popular than usual.

Normally, the monkey bars are the place to be.  When I looked over there I saw this and totally cracked up!  If y’all are on a double date you’re on the wrong side of the monkey bars!  Look how both of the boys are looking back at the girls like why are you sitting there?

She’s so pretty!

Rylee showed off Siggy to Skye.

Second-trimester belly!

Naomi’s rainbow of moodlets cracked me up!

He was there like all night I swear.

I really hope they become good friends.

Things got a little steamy.

Distracted by dog love.

Time to eat again.  They must all be sooo sick of grilled fruit!

Ah, cue the Toodles in heat rejects everyone sequence…

I was cracking up!  She’d already rejected Snoozer the day before.  And thus, she’s rejected every male dog… that’s not a stray at least.

Ugh, everyone is getting sick!

She just sneezed all over Libby’s plate!  Gross!

Umm… what’s up guys?

A quick Lucca and Vicente pic before we leave.

Sooo… no romance tonight eh?

So… That Happened

2 thoughts on “Ash Shore R1/T2/S2: Playground Antics

  1. All these pictures are too precious. Alayna and Devin seem to get along well, he is fitting right in! Tobias & Enzo playing sea monster for the kids, the double date…and Skye needs a doggy if she doesn’t have one I think!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You said Alayna and Devin and here I am searching the post for a pic of them together as children! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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